Learn from the leading enterprises how to transform your company, what are the most effective ways to leverage cloud-native technologies, and get insights on adopting DevOps and agile methodologies.

Designing AI and ML Deployment Platform to Accelerate the Implementation of AI-powered Software

Established sports car manufacturer collaborated with Grape Up on designing a solution allowing its internal AI, ML, and Data Science teams to accelerate the process of creating and productionizing AI applications.

Building a Touchless Platform to Improve Customer Experience And Unlock New Revenue Streams

The leading rental enterprise teamed up with Grape Up to provide counter-less rental services and a touchless experience for their customers. By leveraging a powerful touchless platform and telematics system used by the rental enterprise, the company was able to build a more customer-friendly solution and tackle more business challenges, such as efficient stolen car […]

Developing a Global Cloud Platform Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making

For one of the leading sportswear manufacturers providing its organization with easily manageable access to data is a crucial competitive advantage. To help Adidas improve its data collecting and processing system, Grape Up joined the company in developing a cloud platform aggregating data and logs from the entire ecosystem of technologies used by the retailer.

Accelerating Software Delivery and Reducing Costs

A government agency uses Cloudboostr, designed by Grape Up, to provide its internal development and operations teams with open source Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes to accelerate software development.

Building a Scalable Fast Data Platform to Expand Digital Financial Services

Grape Up developed a platform that empowers DBS to utilize data from numerous data sources. By building a scalable, efficient, and robust data system, the leading Asian bank can effectively provide its services to various markets and handle the growing demand in digital banking products.

Upskilling the Development Team to Provide Reusable And Scalable Applications

Grape Up enabled one of the most influential US insurance enterprises to upskill its development team while rebuilding their apps and help them implement Design Thinking and cloud-native application architecture into the company’s software delivery process.

Delivering Customer-Friendly Mobile App to Enable Data-Driven Business Development

One of the leading insurance enterprises in the USA aimed to be agile and innovate to stay competitive in the market. They have created an internal start-up and worked with Grape Up to provide car insurance customers with a mobile app delivering analysis into their driving experience. Along with improving customer satisfaction and claim management, […]

Rebuilding a Software Product to Deliver Exceptional User Experience

Grape Up empowered a leading software provider to rebuild its flagship product and helped the company adopt cloud technologies and a DevOps approach allowing them to develop customer-centric software at a rapid pace.

Enabling Improved Service Delivery And Operational Efficiency by Providing 24/7 Support

Maintaining and supporting cloud-native platforms to help in the overall transformation that led to changes in working culture and faster software development – the story of the collaboration between Grape Up and one of the Italian largest telecommunications service providers.

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