Software development
services that help banking
and finance enterprises
leverage AI and cloud-native

Established banks and financial institutions rebuild their software, adopt Agile methodologies, and leverage AI and cloud-native technologies to compete with the disruptive FinTech startups.

With Grape Up, they can transform their entire businesses and innovate to provide smart, user-friendly digital services that allow them to retain customers and provide new revenue streams. By bringing together cloud platforms and AI-powered solutions, modern banking can become more competitive yet ensuring security and resilience.

Innovative services for the financial industry

Developing AI-powered fraud identification systems

Improving digital services to create an exceptional customer experience

Building apps that automate credit underwriting and risk assessment

Transforming legacy solutions into modern, cloud-native software

Providing smart financial advisory and wealth management apps

Support and maintenance for cloud platforms to provide resilience, reliability, and security

Building a Scalable Fast Data Platform to Expand Digital Financial Services

Grape Up developed a platform that empowers DBS to utilize data from numerous data sources. By building a scalable, efficient, and robust data system, the leading Asian bank can effectively provide its services to various markets and handle the growing demand in digital banking products.


Grape Up provides solutions in the strategic areas to empower financial
enterprises to embrace digital banking and AI-enabled services

Transforming legacy systems

Financial institutions develop numerous systems and use various databases. In such an environment, technical debt can grow rapidly. To ensure that their infrastructure is secure yet reliable and agile, these enterprises need to rebuild their software and move their applications to the cloud. Digital transformation enables them to provide safety and, at the same time, brings agility required to innovate at a rapid pace.

AI-powered fraud detection
and risk assessment

Enhancing systems responsible for identifying scam practices and risk evaluation to accelerate risk management and lowering compliance and regulatory costs and achieving faster, more accurate risk assessment. AI and cloud-native tools help the financial industry tackle safety challenges, improve real-time approval accuracy, and reduce false declines. Grape Up works with financial institutions to develop systems to analyze multiple data points to detect fraudulent transactions that human analysts might miss.

Development of new digital

Demand for banking services and numerous solutions allowing customers to manage their things associated with finances using mobile apps obligate institutions to constantly develop user-friendly features. Enterprises that create user-centered, valuable software can build lasting relationships with customers, retain them, and monetize additional services.

Providing data-driven decision making

Data and the way a company collects, processes, and analyzes them can be a powerful competitive advantage. Financial enterprises, empowered by Grape Up, work on proper data engineering and building effective data pipelines, applying machine learning to augment decision making based on assumed data, and developing AI-enabled apps that allow them improve their operations and customer services.

Building a culture supporting innovation

To leverage the full potential of the AI, ML, Data Science, and Cloud Native, development teams have to embrace the most agile approaches and practices that support innovative workspace. Grape Up collaborates with the industry leaders on implementing DevOps, Lean Startup Methodology, CI/CD and Automation, to optimize software delivery processes and help customer teams adapt.

Improving customer journey and automate sales

Equipping sales and marketing teams with deepened analysis to better understand customer behavior, optimize customer lifetime value, reduce churn rates, and get insights into spending patterns of account holders to recommend optimal decision making. Banks can enhance their sales efforts by providing AI-powered advisors, virtual assistants, sales agents, and chatbots that provide new customer experience and help employees with lead nurturing.

Provide your customers with exceptional UX

See how AI and Cloud Native can enable your company to grow.

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