Transforming On-Premise Infrastructure to Improve Bank’s Operational Efficiency

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Industry: Finance

Client:  Bank

Short to the story

Grape Up undertook an audit and consulting project as part of a strategic initiative to revamp the bank’s on-premise infrastructure. The primary goal was to analyze the present state of the client’s IT infrastructure, pinpoint any potential bottlenecks, and optimize processes to deliver faster and more secure IT solutions.


The bank faced challenges in its existing IT infrastructure and DevOps practices. There were significant delays and disorganization stemming from the use of multiple different tools, bureaucratization, complexity in application delivery, and a lack of standardization across processes. The audit aimed to dissect these issues, proposing a roadmap towards a more integrated and automated environment. The project was consultative, focusing on identifying problems and recommending solutions.


The consulting team arranged a series of meetings with employees at various levels and with different responsibilities to understand the nuances of the existing system. Through these interactions, they identified key problems and areas for improvement.

A significant part of the approach was the development of detailed question sheets and conducting an in-depth analysis of the current state. This included examining the use of existing tools, the application deployment process, and maintenance practices. The team proposed a DevOps transformation strategy, emphasizing the need for a phased approach, starting with a pilot project before scaling solutions bank-wide. Moreover, the consulting team suggested a strategic pivot toward cloud technologies in response to the identified challenges of managing disparate physical and virtual machines without a common standard.

What we delivered

DevOps Audit Report

A comprehensive document detailing the current state of the bank’s IT infrastructure, identified problems, and areas for improvement.

Advising on Infrastructure and Tools

Suggestions for a centralized artifact repository, use of CI/CD pipelines for automation, and a shift towards using alternative monitoring tools.

Cloud Platform Integration Recommendation

We explored options to transition to a cloud platform for automation of application deployment and reduction of manual operations.

Process Improvement Strategies

The team proposed changes to streamline the application deployment and maintenance processes, including simplifying the environment setup and automating manual tasks and tests.

Agile Project Management Consultation

We provided advice on incorporating agile methodologies to enhance collaboration and efficiency within teams.


Enhanced IT Process Efficiency

The bank received a clear blueprint to optimize its DevOps practices, promising a future of faster, more secure IT solutions.

Operational Streamlining

Proposed solutions aimed to reduce manual operations, standardize processes, and ensure a more cohesive approach to application management.

Strategic Recommendations for Transformation

The audit outlined a strategic path for the bank, emphasizing the importance of starting small, proving value, and scaling solutions across the organization.

Increased Awareness and Alignment

Despite partial skepticism, the consulting process facilitated a better understanding and alignment among teams regarding the necessary changes and their potential impact.

Services provided

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