Streamlining Engine Testing Data Management for a Leading Vehicle Manufacturer

data management for vehicles
Industry: Automotive

Client:  Vehicle Manufacturer

Short to the story

Grape Up has been working on developing a platform to streamline data management capabilities for a vehicle manufacturer, significantly enhancing R&D data accessibility and standardization.


A leading vehicle manufacturing company faced significant challenges in managing extensive data from sensors in their engine testing labs. The objective has been to effectively use this data to optimize engine performance, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure safety, particularly for data science professionals.

The development team at Grape Up has been working on a  platform that enables the client’s engineering & analytics community to build competence, analytical models, and prototypes and derive business insights based on owned data, such as test fleets, rigs, etc.

The project includes centralized data collection and aims to continuously develop a solution that simplifies the process of selecting and analyzing relevant information.


A key aspect of the Grape Up team’s work was data normalization and engineering, where we standardized data formats and automated processing to enhance accessibility and usability.

The development process involves continuous improvement in 3-month product increment cycles, which includes gathering requirements, developing the platform, onboarding users, and providing support to the users.

One of our goals was to incorporate agile methodologies into the project, ensuring flexibility and collaboration and working closely with mixed teams from the client’s side. This included introducing various agile routines like dailies, planning, roadmap review, and JIRA development boards set up. We also improved mid-term and long-term planning by introducing task breakdowns & estimates.

What we delivered

Real-time and Batch Data Processing Platform

A continuous development of a platform that streams, normalizes, and provides access to engine test data, including for specific data science applications.

Data Engineering Solutions

Automated data normalization and format standardization service simplifies data handling, ensuring greater consistency in data processing.

Agile Project Management

We introduced the agile transformation, where we use iterative development cycles and collaborative workflows to continuously improve the product.


Enhanced Data Accessibility

Teams, especially data scientists, can now access and utilize engine test data more efficiently.

Operational Efficiency

Improving the efficiency of data processes that can result in better engine testing and maintenance procedures.

Client Satisfaction and Business Impact

The client was highly satisfied with the solutions, resulting in extended cooperation with Grape Up.

Standardization Across Teams

A standardized platform guarantees uniformity in the handling of data, its analysis, and work processes.

Innovative Solutions for Engine Testing

The capabilities of the platform have provided new opportunities to enhance engine performance and safety.

Services provided


Data standardization


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The controller of the data within the scope provided above is Grape Up spółka z o.o. For full information about processing of personal data please visit Privacy Policy.