Navigating your Cloud Native journey

Grape Up, a technology consulting firm, helping companies work agile by leveraging cloud-native technologies, showing them how to deliver software faster, better, and safer, so that they can move more rapidly.

Find out more about our services:

  • Application DevelopmentAdopting Agile & Lean approach and cloud native tools to help you deliver new apps to market in weeks instead of months. ico-arrow
  • Application TransformationGrape Up embraces cutting-edge development practices & tools to lift and shift your exisiting apps for you to stay ahead of the changing world.Next stepico-arrow
  • Engineer EnablementHelping your team work Agile so you can operate with startup speed. Incepting culture, best practices and technologies.Next stepico-arrow
  • Platform EnablementLaunching Cloud Platform capability, CI/CD automation as well as incepting culture and DevOps practices to your team.Startico-arrow

Our Clients

We work with global brands as well as small startups with big ambitions.

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  • Automotive
  • Engine construction
  • Insurance
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  • UC Solutionslogo-avaya
  • Cloud Serviceslogo-pivotal
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