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Enterprises work with Grape Up to deliver their most critical software using AI and cloud-native technologies

AI Expertise

Build AI-enabled applications to enhance business productivity

Harness the value of your data, apply computational intelligence and machine learning to create and productionize your AI applications.

Cloud Expertise

Build, deploy and run modern
cloud-native applications

Combine cloud-native technologies with agile software development practices and a DevOps approach to deliver applications to the cloud faster, better and safer.

Success story

Accelerating software delivery
and reducing costs at the same time

RWS provides its development teams with a cloud-native stack built around Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry to allow rapid software delivery and effective maintenance of mission-critical systems.


Success story

Prototyping the future
automotive cloud

Porsche conducted R&D projects utilizing cloud-naitve tools to validate concepts and technologies meant to create a seamless customer experience that improves the way people use their vehicles.


Success story

Improved service delivery
and operational efficiency

Grape Up ensured 24/7 availability of the cloud-native stack to help one of the leading Italian telcos provide reliable services and reduce the costs of maintenance of their cloud infrastructure.

Established Telecommunications Provider

Success story

Rebuilding an application
to meet customer needs

A software company embraced cloud technologies, rebuilt its flagship product, and adopted DevOps to provide customers with solutions tailored to their needs.

Leading Software Company

Success story

Upskilling the development team in cloud-native technologies

Allstate utilized apps re-platforming to build in-house expertise in cloud-native software development and implementing Design Thinking into a process of building applications.


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Global enterprises and disruptive startups use our cloud-native services to transform their businesses digitally.

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