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Leverage AWS Cloud technologies

See why the world’s most competitive companies build software on the AWS cloud platform. Learn how your enterprise can use Amazon Web Services to flourish.

Improved efficiency and productivity

Using Amazon Web Services, enterprises increase the performance of software development and reduce time to market for new products and services. AWS enables companies to adapt faster and transform the entire organization.

A diverse set of tools and services

AWS consists of numerous services, completing cloud infrastructure provided for virtual machines. Building a toolset with AWS, enterprises can choose advanced tools from various categories, including blockchain, analytics, machine learning, mobile, or serverless.

Unlimited capacity and scalability

AWS provides, in comparison to on-premises data centers, almost unlimited capacity divided into seven geographic regions for your business to scale fast when demand for the services grows.


Using AWS cloud solutions, enterprises build cost-effective infrastructure. By choosing the leading cloud platform, companies pay only for resources and servers they utilize. Such a solution allows enterprises to reduce unnecessary spendings both for platforms used to run critical projects but also for an infrastructure needed for a valuation of ideas run as proof of concepts.

Enterprise-level security and privacy

Using AWS cloud solutions, enterprises build cost-effective infrastructure. By choosing the leading cloud platform, companies pay only for resources and servers they utilize. Such a solution allows enterprises to reduce unnecessary spendings both for platforms used to run critical projects but also for an infrastructure needed for a valuation of ideas run as proof of concepts.


Amazon provides secure, reliable, battle-tested infrastructure and tools, enhancing the infrastructure, ensuring data durability and availability.

Work with an AWS Certified Partner

Collaborate with certified AWS consultants and experts proficient in the Amazon Web Services environment. Learn and build critical software using best practices and proven tools.

Professional Services for the AWS Stack

AWS Consulting Services

Leverage full capabilities of the AWS cloud platform with the consulting services provided by experienced and certified AWS consultants. Allow AWS practitioners to help your enterprise at every stage of adopting Amazon Web Services – from audit and planning to the comprehensive advisory.

Find consulting services tailored for you:

  • AWS architecture design with infrastructure, security, networking, CI/CD and development processes
  • AWS infrastructure audit and advisory
  • AWS security audit and advisory
  • Production-ready assessment
  • Plan for next improvement steps
  • Migration plan from other cloud service providers to AWS
  • Multi-cloud solution design with AWS as one of the providers

AWS Cloud & Platform Engineering

Get help with migrations, deployments, and security. Collaborate with Certified AWS partners and implement AWS tools in a production environment. Grape Up ensures proficiency in engineering service for the AWS platform at the enterprise level.

Discover advanced services:

  • Barebone Kubernetes deployment to AWS
  • EKS deployment on AWS
  • Productionizing existing EKS deployment on AWS
  • Full AWS infrastructure deployment with all required services
  • Security hardening for an existing deployment
  • Migration from other cloud service providers to AWS
  • Migration from on-prem to AWS
  • Adding monitoring and observability
  • ML/AI implementation based on AWS services

Cloud Native Development for the AWS stack

Build and develop cloud-native applications in the AWS ecosystem, using AWS tools to provide a unique customer experience to your clients. Collaborate with Grape Up to utilize proven patterns and the most innovative practices that enable enterprises to succeed in software delivery.

AWS Enterprise Support

Empower your development teams with a secure, reliable, and resilient environment maintained and supported by experienced engineers. With your AWS infrastructure managed by Grape Up consultants, your enterprise can focus on delivering powerful software.

Get to know enterprise Cloud Services provided by Grape Up

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Ensuring expertise in crucial AWS technologies

Elastic Kubernetes Service

Deploying production-ready, mission-critical environments on EKS provides your organization with a resilient and reliable ecosystem for software development. To help your enterprise with deployments, experts from Grape Up use expertise build through managing such projects at a large scale. Along with the management of the transition to EKS, Grape Up supports companies in embracing the platform scalability.

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Compute for any workload

Grape Up enables enterprises to build software using EC2s, serverless ECS/Fargate containers or and Lambda functions, Elastic Beanstalk, Batch processing, and Wavelength edge processing. By supporting companies in adopting the AWS toolset, Grape Up helps to increase the usage of resources and provide a matching runtime environment for applications.

Big data and data lakes

Grape Up can help your company embrace data-driven decision making by building Data Lake solutions, centralized repositories of all your structured and unstructured data. With AWS services like Athena, Redshift, SageMaker, or EMR, your data can be processed, transformed, cataloged, analyzed, and visualized. Grape Up designs and builds solutions, enabling enterprises to use Big Data and build data-driven businesses.

Databases on AWS

With AWS, your enterprises can leverage a broad variety of database solutions, both SQL and NoSQL. Amazon RDS allows choosing different providers: PostgreSQL, Aurora, MySQL, Oracle, or MSSQL. To help enterprises customize their tools, Grape Up utilizes hands-on experience to determine the proper solutions to specific use cases. To ensure that database solution is enterprise-ready, Grape Up provides the implementation of backup/restore mechanisms, as well as data replication and availability configuration – also in Data Warehouse scenarios.

Machine learning

Grape Up works with innovative enterprise customers to help them improve their businesses by implementing AI and Machine Learning into their software. Using AWS services, Grape Up creates custom solutions for document analysis, fraud detection, image recognition and classification. Developing AI-powered application, Grape Up uses both shared services like Rekognition, Comprehend, or Kendra and models built from the ground up and deployed using SageMaker.

Worldwide availability

Grape Up can help you build very fast and globally available products using AWS Content Delivery Network (CloudFront) and Global Accelerators to improve latency and load times of the solutions. As a company we also have a great expertise in designing and deploying solutions to AWS China regions.

Grape Up provides expertise in crucial AWS Technologies

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