Increasing Operational Availability with a Cutting-edge Offer Management System

Industry: Automotive

Client:  Sports Car Manufacturer

Short to the story

Grape Up resolved an automotive manufacturer’s issues with their in-vehicle digital product purchase solution, resulting in improved user experience, increased scalability, and enhanced operational efficiency, allowing for tailored offers and improved sales efforts.


Our client, a reputable automotive manufacturer, encountered significant challenges with their in-vehicle digital product purchase solution. The existing system proved to be costly, exhibited sluggish performance, and lacked scalability. Our assessment determined that the client’s primary obstacles were ambiguous business requirements and subpar user experience. To address these issues, we recognized the need for the development team to enhance their business skills and implement effective dependency management for more efficient project planning.

One of the goals was to develop a state-of-the-art offer management system. Our objective was to deliver an unparalleled user experience by enabling the swift creation of intricate offers tailored to each customer’s profile and preferences.


During the initial phase, our focus was on the customer-facing store, where we developed and integrated the front-end component with dedicated microservices. We then transitioned to domain-driven development (DDD), redistributing responsibilities among teams to adhere to DDD principles.

We undertook a series of critical tasks, including rapidly forming a new team, meticulously gathering extensive business requirements for the new system, architecting a comprehensive solution from the ground up, and seamlessly integrating it with the existing product catalog.

We took responsibility for understanding the client’s business and gathering comprehensive business requirements, ensuring we aligned the system with their specific needs. By leveraging the SAFE and Scrum methodology and collaborating with multiple teams and architects, we adopted cutting-edge technologies and embraced a microservices architecture. Additionally, we enhanced the system’s capabilities by incorporating a Business Process Management (BPM) tool.

What we delivered

Team ramp-up

We began by increasing a team of 2 to 4 individuals, ensuring we had the right expertise to kick-start the project effectively.

System architecture design

We carefully crafted a robust and scalable foundation that would support the desired functionalities.

Action plan

We built a backlog and action plan aligned with the approved architecture, enabling us to prioritize tasks and ensure efficient progress.

Co-creation of business requirements

Through continuous communication and collaboration with the client’s representatives, we actively influenced the system’s shape by ensuring alignment with their objectives.

Flexible system

We developed a system capable of dynamically providing a product catalog based on sophisticated rules dictated by the client’s business processes, enhancing their operational efficiency.


Replacing responsibilities of the previous system

We identified and replaced the functionalities that were not effectively supported by the previous system, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined process.

Improved effectiveness of sales efforts

We gave the business control over product definition, allowing them to tailor offerings to meet customer demands and preferences. Sales activities can now be based on detailed customer insights and preferences.

Improving sales tools and product targeting

By implementing advanced sales tools and refining product targeting strategies, we enhanced the effectiveness of sales efforts and increased customer engagement.

Automatic product catalog adjustment

Our solution is able to dynamically customize the product catalog based on specific factors such as car models, countries, and other relevant criteria, ensuring a personalized and optimized user experience.

Enhanced operational efficiency

Our system provided a flexible and efficient platform for creating personalized offers. This streamlined process not only enhanced operational efficiency but also improved the overall user experience by delivering relevant and customized offerings.

Services provided


Business consulting

Technology stack

  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • Terraform
  • AngularJS

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