Providing software
development services
for Connected Cars
and Smart Mobility

Grape Up empowers the auto industry to adopt the latest technologies in software development and enables them to provide critical mobility services. You can improve customer experience and create new revenue streams by unlocking data and increasing connectivity.

Services designed for the automotive industry

Building IoT and Telematics platforms

Delivering applications connecting users with their vehicles

Improving user experience and safety

Utilizing Car2Car and Car2X communication

Enabling information exchange about car state

Providing remote control over numerous car functionalities

Prototyping the future automotive cloud

Get to know how Grape Up collaborated with Porsche on prototyping an IoT platform that meant to move the driving experience forward.


Automotive companies work with Grape Up to utilize expertise
in the strategic areas

Telematics Platforms

Designing and developing systems that allow fleet operators and automotive companies to gather various data - including vehicle location, engine and subsystems diagnostics, driver behavior and car activity. The data is then visualized on software platforms and used to improve the maintenance cost and aggregate in-depth information about car usage.

Connected Car Applications

Creating applications that utilize data gathered through telematics such as; the current vehicle state and the state history with a possibility of additional control over the vehicle systems - for example, remote door and air conditioning control, or even remotely turn on the engine allowing someone to drive.

Smart Mobility

Providing solutions helping with the charging infrastructure management and communication for electric and hybrid cars, parking systems, car sharing or even using AI for predictive maintenance to reduce warranty maintenance costs.

E-commerce Apps

Designing and developing apps that offer additional services and accessories, providing customers with solutions supporting their experience, and enabling automakers to gain extra revenue. With modern cloud-native techniques, the service can be enabled in the client's car by over-the-air update seconds after the purchase. Grape Up also offers expertise in building fast data platforms for the largest enterprises, to make their e-commerce responsive and user-friendly.

Visual inspection

Building solutions that evaluate visual input from assembly lines to identify and eliminate faults and ensure high quality of products. On a production line, machine vision systems can inspect hundreds or thousands of parts per minute reliably and repeatedly, far exceeding the inspection capabilities of humans.

Predictive maintenance

Implementing predictive maintenance systems that collect, store and analyze real-time and historical sensor data to detect and prevent machinery failures and allow process and maintenance engineers to address actionable insights in the form of corrective action.

Telematics Platforms and Connected Car Apps?

See how we work with the leading automotive companies.

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