Connected Car Initiative:
Revolutionizing Telematics through Consulting,
Development, and Agile Transformation

Industry: Automotive

Client:  Car Rental

Short to the story

Grape Up successfully revamped an automobile rental company’s connectivity platform and rental station portal, improving reliability, scalability, and efficiency while introducing new features and reducing time-to-market for product updates.


One of Europe’s largest automobile rental companies requested to revamp its connectivity Platform and rental station Portal. The Portal enables telemetry data visualization and telemetry-based business features, while the Platform connects to and retrieves telemetry vehicle data.

COVID-19-related budget cuts and reorganization affected the client’s ability to deliver business outcomes. The development team underwent changes with key personnel leaving, resulting in losing knowledge and context about the solution. Maintenance was difficult due to inadequate documentation and expertise, leading to delays in bug fixes and enhancements. Moreover, the technology used in the existing product caused reliability and quality issues. The client sought to enhance their teams’ expertise and improve their solution’s reliability, scalability, and maintainability.

Consequently, the telematics Platform and Connected Cars Portal required reworking to enhance resiliency, and the development processes were improved.


Grape Up assumed responsibility for the entire product lifecycle, from consultancy through software development and maintenance, adhering to the cloud-based methodology. We pinpointed issues that required attention during the initial workshop with the client.

We improved architecture flaws by reducing data duplication and unnecessary over-engineering and introduced an easily maintainable microservice stack with Spring Boot. The team focused also on ensuring the quality and resiliency of Platform telemetry data streaming capabilities.

What we delivered


Our consultants assessed challenges and proposed solutions. They evaluated solution architecture, department processes, and quality assurance practices.


The development team has been modifying the product and building a reliable Portal and Platform architecture with improved reliability and scalability and added high-quality features.

Architecture revamp

The goal was to develop a centralized and resilient Telemetry service, the one source of information for all business applications and customers.

System standardization

Grape Up introduced the Java stack with well-defined best practices and standards to use a variety of tools and frameworks to fulfill software development goals.

Agile transformation

The consulting team identified obstacles and adopted Agile approaches to improve team planning, coordination, and communication.

New features

Grape Up has been working on enhancing the solution that collects telemetry data from cars by introducing features such as alerts, fleet inventory, and building the vehicle dashboard.


Rebuilding of the two-system solution:

The two systems – the Portal and the Platform have been reworked; advanced vehicle and rental reporting and several new features were introduced.

Reducing time-to-market for new product features:

As the result of processes’ optimization, the initial estimates for the time and effort required for new features were more accurate, leading to improved planning and resource allocation.

Improved solution reliability and scalability:

The project successfully addressed identified problems, and maintenance challenges, resulting in a lower number of reported incidents.

More efficient Development Process:

Adopting Agile methodologies and improved planning and coordination among team members resulted in a more efficient development process.

Separation into Specialized Teams:

The client separated the development teams into two groups – one focused on the platform and the other on the portal. This allowed for more focused and specialized work.

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