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See how the adoption of the leading container orchestration platform empowers enterprises to thrive. Learn why incorporating Kubernetes into your business is crucial for your software development.

Scalability and Cost Optimization

Kubernetes is highly scalable. That includes both the ability to scale applications running on the platform and the capability of adding and removing the control plane and nodes without affecting the solution availability.

Service Discovery

The architecture of Kubernetes networking and DNS encourages companies to use the platform for service discovery, utilizing the cluster local Services concept and the networking system enabling communication between namespaces, services, and pods.


Kubernetes provides excellent abilities of self-healing in case of an incident – if a virtual machine goes down, the cluster moves containers to other machines, and that cluster remains operational – no manual actions are required.


Kubernetes was designed and developed to enable extensibility at every level – currently mostly visible in Helm charts and Operators. Such an approach guarantees that the platform is not locked-in but open for changes while maintaining full upgradeability and backward compatibility.


Kubernetes configuration and manifests allow operators to quickly move workloads to other clouds, as the manifests mostly remain the same.


Kubernetes deployments are highly configurable and the platform out-of-the-box provides different rollout strategies helping with safer deployments to production and testing. In the worst case, the solution enable rolling back the changes.

Ensuring proficiency in powerful Kubernetes stacks

Work with a Kubernetes Certified Service Partner

Leverage support, consulting, and training in the implementation of Kubernetes, ensured by authorized service providers.

Enterprise-grade Kubernetes services

Kubernetes Consulting

Leverage Kubernetes capabilities with advanced consulting services, including your existing platform assessment and audit, design, architecture, and deployment plan for your new, production-ready Kubernetes cluster.

Find consulting services tailored for you:

  • Cluster architecture design
  • Cluster productionizing
  • Multi-cloud cluster design
  • Migration from on-prem to Kubernetes plan
  • Migration from Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes plan
  • Cluster security audit
  • Cluster security hardening plan
  • Kubernetes training
  • Kubernetes development training
  • Kubernetes CI/CD architecture

Kubernetes Engineering

Accelerate your Kubernetes adoption. Grape Up engineers prepare and execute cluster installation, as well as upgrades, services integration into the cluster, including service mesh, ingress, logging, monitoring, storage, security scanners. If your enterprise has already installed Kubernetes, Grape Up can productionize the platform and provide day 2 operations.

Discover advanced services:

  • Cluster installation/deployment on-prem
  • Cluster installation/deployment to cloud
  • Cluster upgrade
  • Cluster security hardening
  • Cluster CI/CD installation
  • Adding monitoring/observability to cluster
  • Adding backup/restore and disaster recovery to cluster
  • Migrate from on-prem to Kubernetes
  • Migrate from Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes
  • Migrate between Kubernetes installations
  • Multi-cloud Kubernetes configuration
  • MLOps based on Kubernetes

Cloud Native Development

At Grape Up we have all required expertise and best practices for creating Kubernetes native applications – both the source code and containers and all required manifests, secrets, configurations and pipelines.

Kubernetes Enterprise Support

Get the most out of Kubernetes capabilities. Collaborate with Grape Up to gain enterprise-level support and maintenance for the entire Kubernetes stack.

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Leverage Grape Up expertise in the Kubernetes technology ecosystem

Multi-cloud cluster deployments

Grape Up helps enterprises with managing larger, multicloud clusters in distant zones and regions. Along with executing multi-cloud deployments, Grape Up provides proficiency in leveraging ingress and load balancing for multiple clusters, as well as hybrid on-premises to cloud connections, required to maintain compliance with data security legislation.

Service mesh

Working with Grape Up, enterprises use service mesh to improve service discovery, connection management, and observability of traffic within the cluster, with an additional security layer. Grape Up utilizes modern tools and solutions to create a mesh spanning multiple clusters in different availability zones.

Backup, restore, disaster recovery

The core part of the cluster resiliency is a tested and reliable backup system for cluster applications, supporting services, and persistent workloads volumes. Grape Up ensures must-have elements for secure production, cluster operations, and disaster recovery.

Security, Policies, Roles

Kubernetes was designed with extensibility and flexibility in mind. The basic security concepts like RBAC are built-in, but truly riskless solutions, especially for mission-critical systems, require additional policy agents and network policies to be configured. To make use of proven patterns and best practices, leading enterprises work with Grape Up to ensure such solutions are well-managed.


Grape Up ensures continuous delivery for cloud-native applications to make cluster operations and new versions rollout smooth and safe, while maintaining full accountability and change history, as well as reduced risk of failures assured by proven Git processes.

Monitoring, observability, and alerting

By monitoring cloud infrastructure, platforms, and applications Grape Up give your team confidence and ensure the security of your tech stack. The development of applications for Kubernetes with observability in mind is a key, but also a domain knowledge of proper configuration for solution monitoring tools, and alerting makes the production platform complete.

Grape Up expertise with Kubernetes stack

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