Modern SDV Architecture for the Bus Manufacturer

Bus manufacturer software architecture
Industry: Automotive

Client:  Bus Manufacturer

Short to the story

Grape Up helped a leading bus manufacturer address the challenges posed by outdated legacy systems and rigorous new regulations through the design of an advanced SDV architecture.


Data plays a vital role in the modern mobility sector. Leveraging data analytics leads to better regulatory compliance and informed decisions to optimize fleets. In this context, the concept of a Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) becomes increasingly relevant, as it represents a shift allowing for more flexible and dynamic management of vehicle systems through data.

The importance of this approach became evident when considering the challenges encountered by a bus manufacturing company. The client was facing a difficult situation as they had to comply with new, strict regulations in the bus industry while dealing with outdated legacy solutions. Additionally, operating two separate legacy applications for vehicle communication, maintenance, and reporting proved to be both costly and inefficient.

In order to tackle these challenges, the company was in search of a single solution that could speed up its transition towards becoming a leading bus manufacturer. They aimed to achieve this by adopting a Software-Defined Vehicle approach, which would involve integrating their current systems while also complying with industry standards and regulations.


We kicked off the project by conducting a two-day workshop with the client’s team, using our extensive consultative experience. This meeting was pivotal in identifying the primary goals, potential risks, and anti-goals of the project. The insights gained from this event laid the foundation for our subsequent actions and strategies.

Our approach to tackling the challenges involved multiple steps. As part of the workshop, we organized event-storming sessions to deconstruct the existing applications, which helped us gain a better understanding of the workflows, functionalities, and use cases of the existing systems. At the same time, we gathered and analyzed requirements in view of the new standards. This thorough analysis enabled us to develop three conceptual architectures, with a particular focus on building a Proof of Concept (PoC) to validate our approach.

We proposed several architectural versions, knowing that the development of the SDV solution is a long-term process that demands continuous adjustments to meet the changing demands of the market.

  • Recommended Architecture: The ideal end-state architecture.
  • Transitional Architecture: A transitional state towards the target recommended architecture.
  • Future Architecture: Ensuring scalability and adaptability and adding features and use cases for future needs.

What we delivered

In-depth Goals and Requirements Assessment

Comprehensive understanding of technical and business objectives, focusing on the implementation of a robust cloud solution and the integration of a digital twin concept.

Consulting on Architectural Solutions

Deep-dive analysis of the new SDV architecture’s critical functionalities and strategic planning of various architectural models, encompassing target, interim, and future-proof designs.

Regulatory Compliance Analysis

An exhaustive analysis of regulatory standards to assure complete adherence and compliance with the new system.

Creation of the Scope of the PoC

Detailed development of the Proof of Concept’s scope, outlining its objectives, expected outcomes, and the framework to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed solutions.


Legal Compliance Achieved

The proposed new system met all emerging legal requirements, enabling market entry and ensuring regulatory adherence.

Legacy System Optimization

The single superior SDV architecture proposed by Grape Up successfully consolidated legacy systems into a singular, efficient platform, enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

Ease of Maintenance and Scaling

The designed transition to a unified technology stack reduced the need for multiple teams and simplified future expansions, enhancing the solution’s scalability.

Business Development and Consulting

Our involvement extended beyond technical solutions, embracing business development and consulting to ensure the solution’s alignment with the company’s long-term objectives.

Services provided

Business development


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The controller of the data within the scope provided above is Grape Up spółka z o.o. For full information about processing of personal data please visit Privacy Policy.