Transforming Legacy Systems and Optimizing Operations in The Real Estate Sector

Industry: Real Estate

Client:  Mortgage and Real Estate

Short to the story

Grape Up transformed a real estate and mortgage company’s legacy systems, optimizing operations and achieving successful outcomes through strategic rewriting, improved requirements management, and streamlined workflows, leading to increased operational efficiency and improved performance.


The client operates within the real estate and mortgage industry, offering their customers comprehensive property and mortgage-related reports. The company encountered major obstacles as the current infrastructure was difficult to manage, expensive to maintain, and susceptible to security breaches identified by regulations, requiring the prompt resolution of these concerns by a specific deadline. We took on the complex task of rewriting the flawed legacy systems, which required extensive expertise in software development.

Defining the project requirements proved to be the primary challenge, as their sheer complexity presented significant hurdles to achieving successful outcomes. Furthermore, the lack of transparency surrounding the origin and definition of the requirements further complicated the situation, impeding progress.

One of the issues was achieving seamless collaboration between product management and engineering teams, which was critical for the project’s success. This required establishing clear communication channels and implementing agile methodologies to foster regular meetings, feedback sessions, and progress updates.


The collaboration process with the customer required a comprehensive evaluation of the workflow to identify and address the underlying problems effectively. To tackle these challenges, we proposed changes aimed at enhancing the classification and management of requirements, with a specific focus on scope management. Embracing a bottom-up approach to problem-solving, we aimed to resolve issues at their core. We gradually worked our way up to achieve a more efficient workflow and successful project delivery.

As the project was large and complex, it required the involvement of a significant number of experts from our team, with more than 30 members contributing their expertise.

We successfully transformed our client’s processes through our strategic approach to rewriting legacy systems, implementing efficient requirements management practices, and optimizing workflows.

We helped establish a highly effective framework for delivering software, allowing us to execute and deliver at consistent velocity while operating in a complex software delivery environment. Grape Up team helped optimize practices and processes in product management, software engineering, QA & DevOps.

What we delivered

Requirements management principles

By implementing robust requirements management principles, we established a structured process for gathering, classifying, and managing requirements. This facilitated better coordination and improved delivery efficiency.

Consulting and product management

We assumed consultant roles, providing valuable insights and guidance on system rewrites and overall product management. This helped the client make informed decisions regarding their system configuration and optimization strategies.

Legacy system rearchitecting & development

We undertook the rewriting of multiple legacy systems, ensuring their modernization and alignment with the client’s evolving business requirements. Our focus was on configuring the new systems, enabling the client to manage their business processes easily.

Enhanced transparency

We developed real-time dashboards for the client, providing clear visibility into project progress, including ticket status and implementation details. This increased transparency fostered a stronger partnership and allowed for effective issue resolution.

Scalability and disaster recovery

As a result of our successful cooperation, the client requested the scaling up of existing teams and initiated a sub-project to enhance their operations further. Additionally, upon successfully completing the Recovery Time Objective (RTO), they will eventually be able to reverse engineer business processes within an hour, ensuring efficient disaster recovery capabilities.


Improved performance and cost reduction

The designed system not only enhances customer experience and performance but also enables the enterprise to make further improvements and developments without disrupting daily operations while simultaneously reducing maintenance and support costs for the entire infrastructure.

Increased operational efficiency

The client experienced a year-on-year 80% increase in operational efficiency. Thanks to the adapted changes, forecasts, backlogs, and scope are now well-defined, resulting in faster identification and resolution of blockers.

Process optimization

By optimizing business processes and implementing best practices, the client achieved streamlined operations. Our continuous improvements allowed them to identify quick wins and implement changes from the bottom up, resulting in ongoing operational enhancements.

Successful solution delivery

The robust and reliable system, supported by business processing management, accelerates internal operations for the client, shortening the order lifecycle, automating processes and task management, and reducing repetitive duties.

Growing partnership

Successful cooperation led to the creation of new components and team expansion. The client also began using the configurations, work styles, and requirements preparation techniques in other processes, further amplifying the positive impact of our collaboration.

Services provided



Business Development

Technology stack

  • FE: React, Flux, JavaScript
  • BE: Python, Flask, PostgreSQL
  • Infrastructure: Linux, AWS, Jenkins, DynamoDB, Fargate, Camunda, Terraform

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