Building a Touchless Platform
to Improve Customer Experience
And Unlock New Revenue Streams

Industry: Automotive

Client:  Car Rental

Short to the story

The leading rental enterprise teamed up with Grape Up to provide counter-less rental services and a touchless experience for their customers. By leveraging a powerful touchless platform and telematics system used by the rental enterprise, the company was able to build a more customer-friendly solution and tackle more business challenges, such as efficient stolen car recovery and car insurance replacement.


Providing customers with a touchless experience from renting to picking up and unlocking a vehicle

As a trusted rental car provider, Grape Up’s customer sustains client loyalty by improving customer experience. A customer-centric approach obligates the company to develop services, internal processes, and operations resulting in overall customer satisfaction. To address those things, when setting up the collaboration with Grape Up, the rental company had outlined a few demanding challenges to solve.

The customer was devoted to simplifying the process of ordering, picking up, and unlocking a vehicle. The leading car rental provider needed a solution allowing to get and open a car remotely, without contacting the company employees, preferably using a mobile app. Such a solution was meant to provide customers with the user experience well-adopted in numerous services (Uber and Lyft, food ordering, Netflix) and demanded as customer expectations are evolving towards contactless, mobile-first processes that reduce queues and provide flexibility.

What was meant to be a simple, mobile app for customers required the entire backend architecture enabling a touchless experience. Before designing a car rental app, Grape Up with the customer had had to ensure data flow and provide access to information about every car, including telematics data. While managing a fleet consisting of over 530 thousand vehicles provided by various automakers and using different in-car software, building solutions enabling to manage such extensive volumes of data becomes demanding.

Along with significantly improving customer experience, the company wanted to enhance its partnerships with insurance enterprises and provide rental services for the customers of those companies. Such a process required the tool that allows insurers to process the case reported by a client, share information with the rental company, and allows rental company employees to suggest a vehicle that matches the driver’s needs. The case needed to be processed remotely.


Building a touchless platform utilizing telematics and connected car solutions

Joining the customer team, experts from Grape Up provided insights into developing connected car and telematics solutions. The entire project was divided and developed by teams responsible for delivering particular solutions required to provide a touchless experience to customers. Grape Up ensured the skills necessary to build the entire cloud architecture, backend systems, frontend, and mobile apps – iOS and Android. Experts from Grape Up were responsible for designing and building the whole touchless platform from scratch alongside their partners representing the customer team: Product Owners, Engineers, and Management actively contributing to the development of that new initiative.

To enable connected car communications and remote control, Grape Up and the rental car company utilized vehicle API. Along with the connected car solution, the touchless platform required telematics data, allowing to locate vehicles. To increase the efficiency of the telematics system owned by the rental enterprise, another team of developers from Grape Up has joined to support the company in improving that telematics solution.

The project team leveraged crucial cloud-native technologies, including AWS tools and Java microservices with Spring Boot deployed on Kubernetes. From prototyping solutions and building production-ready software, teams collaborated closely utilizing agile methodologies, starting with Kanban board and moving towards Scrum development.


Enabling touchless, counter-less experience – including verifying a customer and unlocking a car using a mobile app

Ensuring real-time data for the entire fleet of vehicles to improve locating and maintenance

Enabling the recovery of missing or stolen vehicles by allowing to locate every car

Providing replacement cars for the customers of partnering insurers


Delivering the entire system providing a touchless experience, improving customer satisfaction, and introducing new business models

By leveraging possibilities given by connected car technologies, the car rental company enabled its customers to order, pick up, and unlock a vehicle using a mobile app without direct contact with the company representatives. With mobile apps featured in app stores, the leading rental car enterprise looks forward to reducing queues and simplifying the rental process, which should lead to increased customer satisfaction, acquisition of customers that prioritize mobile, contactless experience, and financial benefits for the company.

Along with providing an exceptional experience, the touchless solution empowered the company to solve numerous business challenges. The platform enabled Grape Up’s customers to provide insurance replacement vehicles for the customers of partnered insurers. The way the solution was built and developed, the rental car company can easily adapt its touchless system to expand services and respond to changing trends and customer behavior.

By improving a telematics system used by the customer and providing its team with additional tools, Grape Up helped the leading rental car provider locate 649 missing vehicles that were abandoned or just overlooked. Such a solution has significantly improved fleet management and vehicle utilization and allows for reduced costs in the future.

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