Delivering Customer-Friendly Mobile App
to Enable Data-Driven Business Development

Industry: Insurance

Client:  Insurance Company

Short to the story

One of the leading insurance enterprises in the USA aimed to be agile and innovate to stay competitive in the market. They have created an internal start-up and worked with Grape Up to provide car insurance customers with a mobile app delivering analysis into their driving experience. Along with improving customer satisfaction and claim management, the insurer found a way to provide its Machine Learning models with myriads of telematics data that allows for new business opportunities.


Ensuring data-driven and usage-based insurance while collecting data for business development opportunities

Data has become the new oil of the digital economy. The automotive industry is using data gathered through telematics systems and connected car technologies to provide more tailored offerings, increase customer satisfaction, and build new business. Similar opportunities appear in insurance.

An established car insurance company has been developing solutions improving customer experience and turning collected insights into new business projects for years. To provide its ML algorithms with data, the company needed service to encourage its customers to share information regarding their driving experience. With the help of the Grape Up team, the insurer decided to deliver a mobile app providing drivers with insights and feedback about the way they drive and additional suggestions covering incoming repairs or cost estimations, so effectively early days of predictive maintenance.

Delivered solutions had to provide instant value to customers so they could feed the insurers with data.


Provide customers with a user-friendly mobile app equipping them with insights into their driving experience

It seemed obvious that, in order to achieve data needed to improve decision making, the insurance company needed to deliver an app providing its users with deep analysis presenting their driving style. By collaborating with Grape Up, the leading insurer decided to build a mobile solution ensuring diagnostics integrated with an in-car OBD II device and web dashboards for status visualization.

A dedicated team from Grape Up worked on-site with the customer teams to provide in-house lab services leveraging Extreme Programming and Agile application development.


Providing customers with analysis of their driving experience

Ensuring claims digital inspection and remote estimation processing

Delivering usage-based insurance

Getting access to behavioral data to improve business operations


Increasing customer satisfaction and improving business operations based on driving insights

Grape Up and the insurance company delivered a mobile app that allows customers to monitor trips and driving data. Among many features, users are able to review detailed maps of their trips to be more aware of their typical driving style, time spent in a car, and main driving events.

While helping customers with improving their driving experience and providing tips about vehicle maintenance, data collected by the app help the insurance company in many ways. Firstly, insurers can deliver tailored, usage-based insurance offerings. Secondly, large volumes of data helping the company’s ML algorithms better prognosis trends and more precisely understand customer behaviors. Furthermore, such crucial data provide many opportunities for data monetization in the future.

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