Modern tools, cutting-edge
technology and unique application
development process

Build exceptional software by leveraging the newest AI technologies, proven patterns in cloud-native architecture, and Agile & Lean approach to software delivery.


Enterprises collaborate with
Grape Up to innovate their
digital products & services

Leveraging AI to unleash
the value of your data

By building applications utilizing AI and Data Science, we enable your company to generate new revenues, find savings and increase the reliability of your products and services.

Navigating your Cloud
& AI technology toolset

We work in hand with your team to help you fully embrace cloud-native and AI technologies. By implementing the proper suite of tools and upskilling your employees, we help your company create valuable products.

Modernizing the way you
build and operate software

We enable your organization to adopt DevOps, CI/CD, lean product management, agile development, and extreme programming. Together we build a collaborative, customer-oriented and innovative culture of shipping software.

Our way
of building


Work in a collaborative team with a dedicated Product Owner role.

the goal

Define a minimum value product (MVP).


Focus your product design on what your customers need.

Agile / XP

Deliver in short iterations, practice pair programming and TDD.


Automate testing, building & deployment to deliver faster.

Lean Product

Quickly validate features with customers, use feedback to make improvements.

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Learn more about cloud-native
technologies and agile

To provide the best software products, enterprises embrace a various range of cloud-native tools and innovative approaches. Building a strong foundation requires development teams to be familiar with the most important technologies and practices.

Cloud Application Platforms

Choosing the right cloud application platform allows you to build the foundation and set up a proper cloud-native environment. Depending on your needs, your team workload management, and a type of preferred technologies, we recommend a perfect fit for you.

We empower your team to thrive in an environment of continuous delivery and guide your employees to maximize opportunities for constant improvements. By supporting your efforts in responding to the demanding competition, we help you turn business challenges into your advantage.


To give your development team an agile, efficient, and flexible way of building applications, we help you adopt containers and container orchestration platforms. By implementing these tools, you are able to make a transition from designing legacy, waterfall software to creating modern and easily-maintained apps.

We guide you through the whole process of using containers - from building apps broken up into its parts and packaged in separate containers, through connecting them into clusters, to managing the entire lifecycle of containers using orchestration tools. All the steps to revolutionize the way you build, ship and maintain software.


Companies that provide highly maintainable software, use microservices - an architectural pattern allowing them to design an app as a collection of smaller services. The microservices development environment enables particular teams to be owners of the chosen solution and allows deploying parts of an app independently.

We use microservices development to create and rebuild software for our customers. With our help, your enterprise gains unique flexibility to deliver products accordingly to the current market demand, easily maintain owned infrastructure and rapidly modernize complex applications without disturbing their users.

Automation tools

The cloud-native architecture provides structuring to software development - the entire process of designing, creating, and optimizing software products is divided into smaller units. By introducing their teams to this way of developing applications, enterprises gain startup agility, but to operate at a scale, they need automation tools.

Our team works with you to determine the right toolset that empowering automation, scaling up and improved efficiency. We provide you with support and knowledge exchange to skill up your team and implement needed tools in your organization. By using automation, you gain essential qualities of exceptional software - velocity, reliability, and stability of deployments.

Lean Product Management

In demanding markets, rapid response to customer needs is a foundation of competitive advantage. Companies adopt lean management to seize its main benefits - focus on delivering value from the end user’s perspective, getting rid of things that don’t bring value to customers, and pursuing continuous improvement.

Lean product management was designed by manufactures and successfully implemented by the most disruptive startups. We work with the most influential enterprises from various industries to help them get the most of its best practices. By partnering with us your company obtains a unique opportunity to collaborate smarter, putting business value first, and better manage owned resources.

Agile Development

Businesses that thrive are the first to respond to the changing situation. While managing the proper toolset and building the right processes bring stability, being agile gives you the ability to satisfy customers. Enterprises that intend to keep once gained position and explore new revenue streams need startup agility.

Collaborating with companies that need to rebuild their culture, we focus on connecting business people with developers to make sure customer experience is a priority for all stakeholders. We provide your company with expertise regarding implementing agile to the organization in the most convenient yet efficient way.

Extreme Programming

To optimize software delivery, the world’s most innovative companies constantly improve the way their production teams work. The focus is on providing their developers with better opportunities to do the job and simultaneously enhance the quality of shipped software. By helping development teams grow, enterprises expand their talent.

Our team works with multiple companies on helping them leveraging various ingredients of extreme programming. From an introduction to planning, creating user stories, managing workloads, trough designing solutions to coding and testing ready to release products - you have it all covered. Together we can teach your team to master pair programming and test-driven development.

Continuous Integration
/ Continuous Delivery

Gaining customer engagement and building lasting relations obligates software companies to build a culture of continuous innovation where product development is never finished and can be easily adjusted to the needs reported by customers. For teams behind these products, it comes to being flexible and open to new ideas.

We empower your team to thrive in an environment of continuous delivery and guide your employees to maximize opportunities for constant improvements. By supporting your efforts in responding to the demanding competition, we help you turn business challenges into your advantage.