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Leverage Azure Cloud for enterprise and hybrid infrastructure

Get to know why established enterprises build their hybrid, cloud, and on-premise infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. See how your business can succeed with Azure-based solutions.

Transitioning to Microservices for Enhanced Scalability and Performance

Seamless scalability

Almost infinite scalability reduces infrastructure costs while still being able to handle increased demand periods.

Big Data and Cognitive solutions

Azure provides unique cutting-edge shared cognitive services enabling a fast implementation of machine learning and AI services into your products.

Development efficiency

With Azure DevOps, the whole process of software development can be run on the Azure cloud – infrastructure, platforms, shared services, CI/CD pipelines, version control, and project management, making it a single point of contact for all development activities.


Microsoft Azure is the most cost-effective cloud solution, especially when a large part of the infrastructure consists of Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server machines. A pay-as-you-go mechanism allows reducing the infrastructure costs by limiting the need for on-premises infrastructure. At the same time, such a solution enables cutting down IT expenses for maintenance and staff.

Complemented on-site IT infrastructure

Azure provides integration with established tools and commonly used solutions – Microsoft Office, Azure Active Directory, Azure DevOps, and unique ability to create a hybrid cloud with existing on-prem infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

Azure ensures exceptional disaster recovery capabilities with quick reaction and a highly configurable set of backup, redundancy, and recovery configurations. The storage provided by Microsoft focuses on your business continuity with Backup and Site Recovery.

Work with a certified Microsoft Partner

Embrace the full capabilities of Microsoft Azure. Leverage support in building and maintaining your cloud infrastructure on Azure cloud.

Enterprise-grade services for Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud Consulting Services

Enabling enterprises to design, prototype, and deploy cloud infrastructure on Azure, certified Azure consultants accelerate the adoption and ensure its security and effectiveness. Help your company embrace the full potential of the Azure cloud using expertise and proficiency provided by the Grape Up advisory team.

Find consulting services tailored for you:

  • Azure architecture design with infrastructure, security, networking, CI/CD, and development processes
  • Audit and advisory of Azure infrastructure
  • Production-ready assessment
  • Migration plan from on-prem to Azure
  • Multi-cloud solution design with Azure Cloud as one of the providers
  • Azure security audit and advisory
  • Migration plan from other cloud service providers to Azure Cloud
  • Plan for next improvement steps

Azure Engineering

Embrace Azure infrastructure designed, build, and deployed by an experienced team of proficient experts, delivering Azure-based solutions for the leading enterprises. Leverage professional support in productionizing and managing your Azure cloud and Azure-enabled software.

Discover advanced services:

  • Kubernetes deployment to Azure
  • EKS deployment on Azure Cloud
  • Productionizing existing EKS deployment on Azure
  • Adding monitoring and observability
  • ML/AI implementation based on Microsoft Azure
  • Security hardening for an existing deployment
  • Migration from other cloud service providers to Azure Cloud
  • Migration from on-prem to Azure
  • Comprehensive Azure infrastructure deployment with all required services

Azure Cloud-Native Development

Provide your customers with cloud-native, Azure-based software ensuring exceptional customer experience, increased quality, and unique efficiency. Work with the leaders in building powerful applications on the Azure cloud and utilize proven patterns, approaches, and toolsets.

Enterprise Support for Azure

Enterprises building their cloud infrastructure on Microsoft Azure gain confidence and increased efficiency when supported by experienced development teams proficient in the Azure ecosystem. Grape Up provides support and maintenance services at the enterprise level to enable customers to utilize the capabilities of the cloud platform.

Our Cloud Services for enterprise customers

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Leverage our expertise in strategic Azure solutions

Infrastructure of Things

From full cloud enablement, through IoT hubs, to IoT Edge computing, Grape Up empowers the most innovative enterprises to leverage IoT technologies. By providing support and engineering services, Grape Up helps companies build solutions allowing them to connect and manage billions of devices, offloading part of the processing to edge devices, improving latency and responsiveness, and reducing infrastructure costs.

Azure Kubernetes Service

Grape Up ensures configuration and management of Azure Kubernetes Service to increase operational efficiency and provide reliable autoscaling. Based on hands-on experience, experts from Grape Up can integrate the cluster with Azure Security, Active Directory, and other supporting services, as well as with Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines for deployment into the cluster. Scope of services includes integration with ML/AI services, databases, or storage providers.

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Compute and networking

Azure provides excellent Compute capabilities, starting from raw Virtual Machines, through Docker Azure Container Instances and serverless capable Azure Functions or Service Fabric to Azure Web Applications. Grape Up experts can advise your enterprise to determine and design a tailored solution.

Machine Learning and Cognitive Services

Azure delivers top-notch managed cognitive services such as text, speech, image, and video analysis and recognition. With Grape Up, your enterprise can leverage shared Azure Cognitive Services to improve your product. Grape Up enables companies to build custom solutions using Azure Machine Learning service, which is an end-to-end machine learning lifecycle framework with built-in support of open source tools like Jupyter, Keras, TensorFlow, or PyTorch.

Hybrid and multi-cloud solutions

Grape Up experts empower enterprises to build complex, distributed environments spanning across their existing on-premises datacenters, cloud and edge computing locations using Azure Arc, Azure IoT Edge, and Azure Stack. This unique combination, with an astonishing number of 140 regions available, makes this kind of platform a perfect solution for hybrid and multi-cloud applications.

Azure Data Lake

Grape Up enables enterprises to build data-driven organizations with robust Data Lake solutions. Leverage Azure Data Lake for ingesting both structured and unstructured data into the Azure Data Lake Storage. Get the most of your data by transforming and analyzing them using Azure HDInsight – all fully integrated with all other Azure services like authorization, security, monitoring, and machine learning.

Grape Up ensure proficiency in key tools and technologies provided by Microsoft Azure

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