AI and cloud-native software
development designed for

Grape Up works with the established insurers to help them utilize AI technologies, make the most out of Data Science, and improve the performance of their software by implementing cloud-native technologies. Insurance enterprises achieve growth and efficiency by enabling AI and cloud native.

Solutions tailored to the insurance industry

Building AI-enabled claims management systems

Improving customer experience by providing automation to data processing

Personalizing offerings and developing virtual sales agents to boost revenue

Automating damage evaluation through scanning photos sent by customers

Predicting workloads based on historical data and trend analysis

Rebuilding legacy solutions into modern, cloud-native apps

Upskilling development teams in the latest technologies and approaches to software delivery

Upskilling the development team
in cloud-native technologies

Learn how Grape Up and Allstate jointly transformed applications, which led to providing software that can be easily and configurable and scalable and allowed to transfer knowledge to the customer team.


Insurance companies work with Grape Up to create a tangible business
impact with AI-enabled, cloud-native applications

Rebuilding legacy software

Insurance enterprises aggregate huge volumes of data and use numerous systems to serve their customers. Legacy systems can become obstacles to manage them properly. To gain agility in operations, insurers need to move their applications to the cloud. Modern software ensures reliability, resiliency, and flexibility in developing new features and services.

Automated claims management

Insurers can both - improve customer experience and gain unique efficiency in claim management by utilizing applications that automatically evaluate damage based on customers’ photos. While using AI-powered solutions to recommend templates for incoming claims, insurance companies are able to accelerate claims processing.

Predictive underwriting and
risk management

With AI-enabled apps, insurance enterprises can scan for ambiguities in insurance applications to detect fraud faster and predict premiums based on past risk assessments to make risk assessment more precise and generate cost savings.

Exceptional customer services

Moving customer experience to the next level by automatically processing forms and extracting data from textual and visual input. Improving processes by analyzing customer emotions during service calls to enhance communication and provide smart assistance.

Technology & DevOps

The insurance industry can benefit from adopting the latest technologies. To help their teams develop cloud-native applications that utilize AI tools with ease, Grape Up provides training and knowledge transfer to customer teams and ensures that they can build and operate modern software using a DevOps approach and lean practices.

Improve claims adjustment and risk management

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