How automated VIN recognition accelerates operations in insurance and automotive

By applying AI and Deep Neural Networks to VIN recognition, Grape Up provides a robust application enabling automotive and insurance enterprises to automate and accelerate operations using VINs. With smarter VIN detection and interpretations, companies improve customer experience, reduce repetitive tasks, and cut down the time needed to process cases.

Faster and accurate online insurance quoting

Offering more competitive car insurance services and online quoting, reaching customers more effectively with insights and data received faster through an AI-enabled VIN recognition solution.

Accelerated claims adjustment process

Using a more effective, AI-enabled solution for VIN recognition, insurance enterprises improve claims processing and reduce the number of cases manage ineffectively due to the bad quality of VIN photos.

Driver-friendly vehicle checks
and history reports

Automotive enterprises provide their customers with easy access to the history of a vehicle and information enabling smarter maintenance. Such a solution can significantly reduce the time needed for servicing a car where some parts can be ordered in advance.

Identifying stolen vehicles

Using VINs, car shops can easily identify a vehicle with a suspicious history by access to information gathered by numerous public institutions and avoid problems in the future.

VIN number

Ensuring a high efficiency of the VIN detection, the solution provided by Grape Up improves photo quality by suggesting the bounding box and using a proven model - Character Region Awareness for Text Detection (CRAFT) – a neural network to mark VIN precisely and be more errorproof.

VIN number

By applying AI models and using machine learning algorithms, the solution delivered by Grape Up provides 92% accuracy for VIN recognition. Such a tool overcomes occurring obstacles generated by the low quality of the received photos.

How an automated
VIN recognition solution

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Why insurance and automotive
enterprises use an AI-enabled VIN
Recognition solution?

92% accuracy
in VIN recognition


Time and resources

Improved customer

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