Leverage advanced analytics to gain
data-driven customer insights

We specialize in applying advanced analytics to telematics data, providing companies with a deep understanding of driving patterns, behaviors, and risks.

Discover how we help insurance companies leverage analytics solutions

Leverage our expertise in advanced analytics applied to telematics data to extract invaluable insights. See how you can gain a competitive edge by making data-driven decisions.

Driving Event Analytics

Usual real-world driving events such as braking, acceleration, turning, or lane changes can be represented with a collection of various sensor measurements such as accelerometer, linear accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope readings. By using machine learning methods as well as traditional analytics, Grape Up helps you convert that data into valuable information and better understand the driving habits of your customers.

Behavioral Data Analytics

Driver behavior impacts traffic safety, fuel or energy consumption, and gas emissions. By applying AI models and intelligent methods to automatically collect driving data, it is possible to generate a classification that characterizes the driver aggressiveness profile and calculate driver score.

Automated Crash Analytics

Using car telemetry data as well as other factors such as weather, location, road conditions, and time of day, AI-powered analytics can help differentiate actual accidents from fraudulent claims. Such solutions can also assist insurers in determining the root cause of an accident, assessing driver behavior, and distinguishing between at-fault and no-fault claims by identifying and analyzing rapid changes in speed or acceleration.

Predictive Risk Analytics

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be employed to analyze driver profiling and scoring data and understand the individual risk profile for each driver. Based on that risk profile, the ML model can suggest applying a higher or lower policy price, recommend personalized insurance products, or even proactively provide coaching and training for the customer to improve their driving style and eventually earn a lower insurance premium.

Discover how companies leverage Advanced Analytics to gain insights

Influence driving style change
Understand customer driving behavior
Increase risk assessment accuracy
Detect fraudulent claims

Influence driving style change

Through analysis of the collected telematics data, you will be able to recognize the driving patterns of your customers, and based on these, recommend improvements to their driving style. Insensible drivers can be encouraged to start driving more eco-friendly, which will have a positive impact on the fuel economy and the environment.

Understand customer driving behavior

The true value of telematics-based products for insurers comes from the deep understanding of their customer’s behaviors. By applying advanced analytics to vehicle and customer data, you can determine risky driving behavior and discover the actual driving habits of a vehicle driver to identify unsafe practices and enable driver scoring.

Increase risk assessment accuracy

Gain the ability to assess the insurance risk more accurately and calculate personalized premiums based on the driving behavior. By utilizing real-time data, you will be able to enable dynamic pricing and lower the cost associated with inaccurately priced risk.

Detect fraudulent claims

In case of a reported accident or collision, you will be able to leverage insights extracted from telemetry data to improve and accelerate the claims resolution process. Reconstructing the event timeline allows you to automatically flag potentially fraudulent claim reports and to minimize the risk of incurring the unjustified cost.

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The controller of the data within the scope provided above is Grape Up spółka z o.o. For full information about processing of personal data please visit Privacy Policy.

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How can your services help companies leverage real-time customer data?

Our services enable companies to harness the power of real-time customer data and transform it into actionable insights. By applying advanced analytics techniques to telematics data, we help businesses gain a deep understanding of driving patterns, behaviors, and risks. This knowledge empowers companies to make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimize their operations accordingly.

What benefits can companies expect from utilizing advanced analytics on telematics data?

By leveraging advanced analytics on telematics data, companies can unlock several benefits. They gain a comprehensive understanding of driver behavior, enabling them to identify risky patterns and take proactive measures to improve safety and reduce accidents. Additionally, companies can enhance their risk assessment accuracy, leading to fairer pricing and tailored insurance policies. Furthermore, the analysis of telematics data helps in detecting potentially fraudulent claims, preventing losses, and maintaining a secure and trustworthy insurance environment.

How does your expertise in advanced analytics differentiate your services?

Our team of experts specializes in applying advanced analytics techniques to telematics data, setting us apart from other service providers. We have extensive experience in analyzing large volumes of real-time customer data, extracting meaningful insights, and translating them into actionable recommendations. With our expertise, companies can effectively leverage their telematics data to drive positive behavior change, optimize risk assessment, and combat fraudulent claims, ultimately leading to improved business outcomes.