Platform Ops & Support

Platform engineering
& enterprise support
for your cloud stack

We provide enterprise support, administration, and operations for your entire cloud-native stack, including various distributions of Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry platforms.KubernetesCloud Foundry

Cloud platform
administration & operations

A managed service, aimed at maintaining a 24/7 continuity of your business. Our operation team is responsible for daily ops work and ensuring your cloud-native platform functions properly, securely and reliably.

Cloud platform support

2nd and 3rd line support for your cloud-native platform stack. Leverage experienced team of professionals available to share their technical expertise, provide hands-on assistance, and get you back on the right track.

Cloud platform customization

Move your cloud operations forward by using the help of our experts in finetuning the configuration of your existing cloud infrastructure or integrating additional 3rd party components and external services.

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Support services for cloud-native platforms, tools and associated solutions

Work with a team of professionals experienced in supporting large enterprise cloud platforms. Leverage support for various cloud native tools & 3rd party solutions essential to build and engineer an efficient and scalable cloud-native stack.

Gain operational efficiency using proven experience in maintaining large scale cloud platforms deployed on the most popular public and on-prem cloud infrastructures.

Tools & Services
  • CI/CD
  • Databases
  • Messaging
  • Storage
  • Logs & Metrics
  • Automation

Enterprise Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry Support

Tailor a support plan that fully meets your needs, depending on what can help to improve the way your company operates. Your support plan may include full enterprise Kubernetes support, Kubernetes operations, assistance with maintaining various platforms and toolsets or more customized scope of services.

2nd and 3rd level support for all Cloudboostr components (including OSS)

Operations support in operating, upgrading, patching and customizing the platform

Backup strategy assistance and execution guidance

SLA tailored to your specific support requirements

Multiple support channels

Success story

Improved service delivery and operational efficiency

Grape Up ensured 24/7 availability of the cloud-native stack to help one of the leading Italian telcos provide reliable services and reduce the costs of maintenance of their cloud infrastructure.