Platform Enablement

Platform enablement is all about influencing a company’s digital transformation through cloud platforms leading to smarter, more intelligent business processes. Our end-to-end approach to platform enablement includes launching Cloud Platform capability, CI/CD automation as well as incepting culture and DevOps practices to your team. All this translates into maximum operational excellence, enhanced customer satisfaction and a scalable, agile and future-ready enterprise.

In our view, there are three pillars of platform enablement and these are:

  • ToolsCloud Native Platform setup and orchestration.
  • ProcessAdopting CI/CD and automation practices into the delivery process.
  • CultureIncepting DevOps culture into your team.

We always make every effort to make the entire process run smoothly.

The whole platform enablement process consists of many other services which include:

  • Cloud Infrastructure consulting
  • Cloud native toolset orchestration
  • Cloud architecture design
  • Platform installation and deployment
  • Infrastructure automation and orchestration
  • Cloud platform operations & support
  • Cloud platform customization
  • Re-platforming first apps