Platform Enablement

Deliver software in the cloud faster using application and container platforms

Implement cloud services platforms, DevOps and CI/CD automation to empower your organization to build a cloud migration strategy and accelerate software development.

Easily deploy applications
to the cloud

Create modern, cloud-native apps directly in the cloud and obtain unique flexibility. Reduce operating costs and move your software development forward.

Deliver new software products
and services faster

Gain a competitive advantage by accelerating the time you answer to the customer needs. Enable your team to work agile and build customer-centric solutions at a rapid pace.

Improve operational efficiency
and failure resiliency

Build a secure environment for developing digital services and provide your teams with operational excellence. Design resilient, sustainable, and efficient release cycles.

Modernize your software
development process

Combine cloud-native technologies and DevOps practices to rebuild your tool stack and enhance your company culture. Determine the right technologies and methodologies.

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Cloud migration designed
for your enterprise

Your journey to the cloud requires strong foundations based on the most efficient technologies, processes that support the transition, and culture that enables you to get the most out of the technological shift.

Cloud-native tools

Implement a cloud-native platform that meets your technical and business needs with the help of experienced consultants that support setting up and orchestrating your cloud-native stack.

CI/CD & Automation

Make CI/CD and automation practices an inherent part of your delivery process. Enhance the adoption of technologies and use their capabilities to the fullest.

A DevOps culture

Create an environment in which your teams collaborate on building and developing apps with ease, at a rapid pace and fully leveraging owned resources.

Expertise covering platform enablement for the most important
cloud solutions providers

A comprehensive stack build around Kubernetes, supported by an experienced team.

Proficiency in this containers-orchestration platform delivered by certified Kubernetes experts.

Advanced services covering setting up and adjusting Cloud Foundry platform accordingly to your business needs.

Dedicated process of setting up
and orchestrating cloud native platforms

Cloud infrastructure consulting

Building resilient, effective and safe cloud infrastructure requires a strong foundation based on the extended audit, deep understanding of your technical challenges, and practical recommendations.

Cloud native toolset orchestration

You need your own cloud native set of tools, tailored for your company, and experience on how to configure and manage every app. By collaborating with a team of experts working with various technologies, you can fully leverage owned toolset.

Cloud architecture design

Designing cloud architecture has a strong impact on further decisions regarding choosing the right cloud services provider, determining required technologies, and bring it together. Use legit patterns, ready to implement.

Platform installation
and deployment,
cloud integration

A successfully executed cloud migration depends on an effective setting up and deploying the chosen platform. Certified experts, fluent in Cloudboostr, Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry environments can navigate your journey to the cloud.

Infrastructure automation and orchestration

On your way to fully utilize cloud integration capabilities, you need to automate processes and orchestrate used tools. Your cloud infrastructure can work for you without additional input.

Cloud platform operations & support

Once built cloud-native stack obligates you to update tools, maintain platforms and stay up to date with what's new. Support provided for all platforms and confidence that your infrastructure works well allows you to focus on doing business.

Cloud platform customization

Along the process of expanding your cloud ecosystem, you find it necessary to customize chosen solutions so they can better match your individual needs. As cloud native brings limitless opportunities, it’s worth to work on adjustments.

Re-platforming first apps

After successful complementing cloud integration, your enterprise is ready to application migration to the cloud. It’s easier to re-platform legacy apps and skill up your teams when cloud native experts support you.

Success story

Cloudboostr empowers the Dutch Ministry to accelerate software delivery and reduce costs at the same time.

RWS provides its development teams with a cloud-native stack built around Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry to allow rapid software delivery and effective maintenance of mission-critical systems.