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Gain insights into our use of AI and advanced analytics to transform the automotive industry. Explore how we leverage these technologies to drive innovation and optimize operations.

Predictive Maintenance

Using predictive maintenance allows for smart, cost-effective, and safe vehicle management. With AI-enabled solutions for monitoring vehicle state and predicting upcoming issues, both owners and professionals in charge of fleet management can reduce repair and exchange costs. Providing solutions to incoming problems and suggesting them in advance improves the driving experience and guarantees safety.

Energy Consumption and EV Analysis

With the rapid growth of electric vehicles, the development of charging infrastructure should become a priority. While the hardware part goes well, service provides struggle with integrating the payment systems, user management, charging control, power management, and charge planning into a single system. In addition, new issues arise while trying to integrate them with other charging networks to increase coverage. Grape Up supports mobility providers by building charging management systems that tackle these challenges.

Behavioral Analysis

Usual real-world driving events such as braking, acceleration, turning, or lane changes can be represented with a collection of various sensor measurements. By using machine learning methods as well as traditional analytics its possible to convert that data into valuable information and better understand driver behaviour.

Generative AI

Grape Up custom Generative AI and LLM solutions are at the frontier of OEM innovation. Clients can benefit from a range of AI applications that go beyond intelligent chatbots for immediate customer support. These include predictive maintenance advising, personalized in-car assistance, and automated quality control systems. These solutions process vast amounts of data to answer user queries, anticipate needs, streamline operations, and enhance the vehicle user experience.

Vehicle Data Analytics

Embracing the value and potential of connected car data through the whole vehicle life-cycle, automotive companies seize new opportunities. With Big Data processing and Machine Learning insights, the automotive offering can be improved to increase customer satisfaction and address upcoming trends.

Data Platforms

Thanks to our MLOps and Data Science platforms, you can unleash the complete potential of your data and streamline the transition of AI initiatives from experimental phases to production, fostering a culture of data-driven innovation. Our solutions empower your teams to deploy Machine Learning models efficiently, maximizing the potential of your data to enhance predictive capabilities and drive actionable insights.

See how AI and ML improve automotive software solutions

Recommendation engines based on AI/ML to boost sales
Understand your ML predictions and reasoning – Explainable AI
Minimize support costs and prevent data loss with a scalable, common data streaming platform
Democratize access to the data for the whole enterprise through ETL and data mesh

Recommendation engines based on AI/ML to boost sales

In the modern automotive business, not only traditional dealerships or over-the-counter sales drive revenue for today’s mobility providers, vehicle manufacturers, and OEMs. Today, recommendation engines and mobile applications generate an increasing amount of sales records. Acknowledging the business value of recommendation systems, Netflix estimated that their recommendation engine is worth $1bln yearly.

Rental car companies use these solutions in upselling to encourage customers for additional insurance, a higher grade vehicle, and other additional features. Leveraging recommendation systems vehicles enterprises increase sales and improve customer experience.
Our data science and data engineering departments have a proven track record of creating machine learning algorithms and combining them with e-commerce systems allowing automotive companies to take benefit from recommendation engines based on previous purchases.

Understand your ML predictions and reasoning – Explainable AI

Artificial Intelligence has proven to be a good way to tackle problems, which seemed impossible before. For the general audience, most of the ML is a black box, which accepts data and responds with prediction or identification. Algorithms are complex and hard to understand for non-data scientists. With explainable AI, the problem resolution path can be exposed to customers and stakeholders, making the bottlenecks and reasons for wrong reasoning visible.

Grape Up Data Scientists can help you build an ML system allowing stakeholders, developers, and customers to comprehend the prediction process and, as a result, have more trust in the results.

Minimize support costs and prevent data loss with a scalable, common data streaming platform

Building multiple platforms for storing the data is costly, hard to maintain, and can result in data loss due to incorrect handling. This problem can be resolved by building a common data streaming platform able to handle real-time data for the whole enterprise. Built with scalability and redundancy in mind this kind of platform can effectively withstand and resist problems in having a system of distributed, different platforms and storage systems. The support cost is also lower.Grape Up experts are highly experienced in creating and maintaining efficient and scalable data streaming platforms based on Kafka that are currently being used among Grape Up customers representing automotive and financial institutions around the world.

Democratize access to the data for the whole enterprise through ETL and data mesh

Data is a lifeblood of an organization. Each department generates and gathers enormous amounts of data about customers, products, or the environment. This data can be used to enable new revenue streams by creating better offers and improving understanding of customer needs. Data analytics can also result in reducing the cost by improving the bottlenecks and identifying pain points.Building systems or ML algorithms leveraging the available data can be extremely complicated if the data is siloed and available only inside the department. Democratic access to the data across the enterprise helps to build better products faster and easier while having a single point for data storage makes the operations easier. Storing the heterogeneous data in data lakes and data meshes is easier for developers and data scientists.For one of our customers, Grape Up engineers have already implemented the modern data storage, starting from the ETL/EL(T) system, through the data lake and ML system built on top of it while maintaining enterprise-grade privacy and GDPR compliance.

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The controller of the data within the scope provided above is Grape Up spółka z o.o. For full information about processing of personal data please visit Privacy Policy.

Get more insights into AI & Advanced Analytics in automotive

How can AI and Advanced Analytics benefit the automotive industry?

AI and Advanced Analytics offer numerous benefits to the automotive industry. These technologies can improve various aspects, such as predictive maintenance, enhanced safety, autonomous vehicles, and supply chain optimization. Predictive maintenance utilizes AI algorithms to analyze data from sensors and connected devices in vehicles, allowing automotive companies to proactively schedule maintenance, reduce downtime, and optimize vehicle performance. Enhanced safety features leverage AI-powered systems to detect and alert drivers of potential collisions, lane departures, and driver fatigue, thus improving overall road safety. AI and Advanced Analytics also play a crucial role in the development of autonomous vehicles by enabling vehicles to learn from data, make accurate decisions, and navigate complex environments.

How can AI and Advanced Analytics improve the customer experience in the automotive industry?

AI and Advanced Analytics have the potential to transform the customer experience in the automotive industry. Personalized recommendations based on customer data and preferences enhance overall satisfaction by providing tailored suggestions for vehicle features, accessories, and maintenance services. AI-powered virtual assistants integrated into vehicles allow customers to interact naturally and receive real-time assistance with navigation, vehicle functionalities, and entertainment options. Voice recognition and natural language processing enable hands-free control of various vehicle functions, making it convenient for customers to interact with infotainment systems and make calls.

How do AI and Advanced Analytics contribute to the development of electric and autonomous vehicles?

AI and Advanced Analytics play a crucial role in the development of electric and autonomous vehicles. These technologies optimize the efficiency of electric vehicles by analyzing battery data to improve charging patterns, maximize battery life, and manage energy consumption. The integration of AI and Advanced Analytics in electric and autonomous vehicles accelerates innovation, improves sustainability, and enhances the overall driving experience for customers.