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We provide a comprehensive suite of digital services such as offer management configurators, payment integration, connected store, license management and activation, subscription-based solutions, and mobile application development.

Solutions enabling automotive companies to deliver exceptional digital experience

Dive into the vital user-centric solutions that are paving the way for the digitalization of the driving experience. Gain insights into the advancements shaping the future of connected vehicles.

Payment Integration

Following the shift to D2C vehicle sales model and the growing market for subscription-based services, OEMs need to offer payment methods to serve their customers. Seamlessly integrated payments across online store, infotainment and mobile app, ensure consistent customer experience.

Features od Demand

Allow customers to upgrade their vehicle’s capabilities with ‘Features on Demand’. Comprehensive solutions cover the entire flow, from feature discovery and secure payment processing to seamless activation of services directly in the vehicle. The design of intuitive frontends and robust order management systems simplify the process of purchasing subscription-based features, driving a new era of personalized vehicle experience.

Omni-channel personalization

Grape Up Omni-Channel Personalization services revolutionize the way you connect with your customers. Clients require solutions that offer a unified user experience across various platforms, such as in-car systems, mobile apps, and websites. Consistent, personalized interaction, whether it’s customizing vehicle settings or syncing preferences across devices, enhances customer engagement with a seamless, integrated experience reflecting unique needs and preferences.

Remote Services

With cloud computing power becoming more cost-effective and easier to acquire, automotive companies can improve the performance of in-car and mobility services. By leveraging remote access to vehicles or devices off-site, the automotive industry accelerates business processes and increases the usability of delivered software. Ensuring the resiliency of automotive solutions, automotive enterprises need to build reliable APIs and platforms capable of handling these kinds of operations.

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Improving user experience by modernizing Connected Store
Integrating subscription-based offerings, payments, and interactive interfaces in the vehicle
Configuring software features for different markets

Improving user experience by modernizing Connected Store

Connected Stores enable manufacturers to offer a wide range of options and features without physically modifying their vehicles. This provides greater flexibility to meet their customers’ evolving needs and preferences while also reducing the cost and time associated with physical upgrades.

Implementing integrated payments can further streamline purchasing physical products and on-demand services. Creating a contemporary e-commerce platform with a functional and user-friendly front-end is crucial to ensure the customer’s smooth and uninterrupted experience.

As a software development company specializing in the automotive industry, we offer a unique solution to enhance the user experience of vehicle owners by creating Connected Stores.

Integrating subscription-based offerings, payments, and interactive interfaces in the vehicle

Subscription-based everything within the automotive industry refers to the concept of offering software-based services and vehicle features on a subscription basis. This means that customers pay a recurring fee instead of purchasing a feature outright to access and use these features. For example, manufacturers can use a subscription-based model to offer connected car services, advanced safety features, and autonomous driving capabilities.

From a software point of view, this subscription-based model enables vehicle manufacturers to offer their customers a wider range of features and options while also providing a steady revenue stream. It also allows for more frequent and efficient software updates, enhancing the functionality and performance of existing features.

This can provide customers with a more cost-effective and flexible option rather than paying for services or features up-front. Moreover, the integration of payments across different channels ensures a consistent experience.

Configuring software features for different markets

By offering employees the ability to configure and manage software features based on market needs, manufacturers can provide a more customized and differentiated user experience for customers in different markets. Offer Management Configurators used for this purpose provide a user-friendly interface for configuring and managing a wide range of vehicle features and options.

Offer management configurators enable efficient management and configuration of vehicle software features, reducing errors and improving customer satisfaction. Manufacturers can tailor their product offerings to specific markets, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

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Learn more about digital services in automotive

What are digital services in automotive?

Digital services in automotive refer to the technology-driven services and solutions offered by automotive companies to enhance the driving experience, provide additional convenience, and offer new functionalities to vehicle owners and users. These services leverage digital technologies such as connectivity, data analytics, cloud computing, and mobile applications to deliver a range of features and benefits to drivers and passengers.

What kind of digital services does an automotive company need?

An automotive company may require a variety of digital services to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of their customers. Some essential digital services include:

  • Connected Car Services: This involves offering features like remote vehicle monitoring, over-the-air software updates, vehicle diagnostics, and tracking services.
  • Navigation and Mapping: Providing real-time navigation with live traffic updates, predictive routing, and integration with other services like points of interest, weather information, and nearby charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • Infotainment and Media: Offering in-car entertainment services, integration with popular media streaming platforms, personalized content recommendations, and voice-activated controls.
  • Safety and Security: Implementing features like emergency assistance, stolen vehicle tracking, collision detection, and automated emergency braking systems.
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Service: Providing digital solutions for scheduling maintenance, booking service appointments, and delivering personalized vehicle health reports.
  • Mobility Services: Enabling services like car-sharing, ride-hailing, and vehicle subscription models to cater to changing consumer preferences and emerging mobility trends.