Applicat­ion Deve­lop­ment

We identify, design and build innovative software solutions. By adopting the agile & lean approach and cloud native tools we help you deliver new apps to market in weeks instead of months, in days instead of weeks. At Grape Up, we have our own delivery process based on the agile methodology leveraging pair-programming, extreme programming (XP) and TDD - backed up by years of experience spent on successful onsite and offsite projects.

  • Cloud Platforms

    Cloud native platforms enable faster delivery and more reliability. In addition to that, they guarantee scalability – you can scale up or down if your needs change.

  • Microservices

    An architectural approach to building apps as collections of small services for better resilience, flexibility and easier deployments.

  • Containers

    Instances that run on a host. Compared with standard virtual machines (VMs), containers offer efficiency and speed.

  • Automation Tools

    Utilize automation tools & CI/CD - a pipeline which involves continuously combining source code into an app and testing it (CI), and preparing an app or a part of it for production by packaging and validating it (CD).

Grape Up offers a wide array of application development services such as:

  • Cloud architecture design
  • Research & development
  • Greenfield application development
  • Brownfield application development
  • Cloud application support & maintenance