Developing a Global Cloud Platform
Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making

Industry: Retail

Client:  Adidas

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For one of the leading sportswear manufacturers providing its organization with easily manageable access to data is a crucial competitive advantage. To help Adidas improve its data collecting and processing system, Grape Up joined the company in developing a cloud platform aggregating data and logs from the entire ecosystem of technologies used by the retailer.


Ensuring data-supported decision making at every level of the enterprise operating globally and utilizing numerous technologies and systems in fast-changing markets

Adidas has built its global position on strong foundations, including innovative product design, effective operations management, and an extensive network of sales and marketing activities. Creating such an effective environment required numerous technologies, systems, and applications supporting various teams working at Adidas in improving the company’s processes. This ecosystem empowers the company to grow but also provides myriads of data that can impact future decisions.

As the company operates at a large, global scale and provides products and services in highly competitive markets, effective data processing is the key both to revenue growth and cost reduction. Adidas decided that to maximize the value of its data, the company needed a system that not only collected large volumes of data and enhanced decision making of the c-level management. To fully embrace a data-driven model of operating, Adidas wanted one solution allowing to manage proper access to chosen data for employees at every level with the organization. Such a solution demanded assembling data and logs generated by numerous apps, separating data storage for security purposes, and ensuring the unification of the permission system.


Developing the solution by verifying ideas and required technologies in Proof of Concepts

Collaboration between Grape Up and Adidas went well thanks to both teams’ approach to project execution. Adidas set clear goals and expectations based on gathered knowledge about such a solution; Grape Up provided expertise and proficiency in developing and managing technologies required to build a needed platform. Adidas has assembled general know-how about a platform by developing PoC on its own. While Grape Up joined the project, both teams were ready to productionize those ideas.

During the project, teams jointly worked out an agile, goal-oriented way of developing solutions. Members of a project used Scrum and Kanban according to their needs flexibility adapting to the tasks. The project evolved by verifying ideas and approaches in numerous PoCs – every technology used in the final solution was tested. At the beginning of the collaboration, Grape Up has been implementing particular tools and gathering feedback from the customer team. In the next stages, the Adidas team and Grape Up jointly collaborated on the development and support of the infrastructure.
The platform was designed with the use of crucial cloud-native technologies: Elastic, Terraform, Jenkins, Kafka, and many more.


Building a global cloud platform collecting data and logs from numerous sources

Integrating the platform with the customer’s infrastructure built on Kubernetes and AWS

Integrating the platform with all the applications and tools used by the customer

Ensuring the security of stored data and an easy-to-manage system of access permissions


Delivering a scalable, robust platform providing easy access to data, improving the company operations, and enabling data-driven decision making

Through the series of PoCs to deploying the production-grade platform, Grape Up and Adidas have built three platforms – testing, staging, and production. The delivered solution is robust, automated, highly accessible, and easily scalable. The platform was built in a way enabling easy deployment on the chosen infrastructure and location accordingly to business needs. Such as when Grape Up and Adidas migrated part of Adidas’ applications to China to improve access to data for the company’s local team.

By building a global platform for Adidas, Grape Up helped the leading retailer improve its processes from product development to sales and customer service. Adidas equipped its teams with easy to manage access to data–supporting decision making and providing insights into particular cases. The entire infrastructure is automated and integrates all the systems used within the organization – that allows the company to manage the way data and logs are collected and utilized. Thanks to well-planned platform enablement, the final solution was optimized in terms of used AWS infrastructure, as well as allows Adidas to easily change service providers or location of used infrastructure.

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