COVESA Networking CES 2024: Empowering OEMs in SDV Technology, Advanced Data Platforms, and In-Vehicle Personalization

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Our Expertise, Your Advantage: Leading the Charge in SDV, Data Platforms, and In-Vehicle Personalization

Our deep expertise in these domains translates into cutting-edge solutions that redefine the automotive experience and drive industry transformation.

Software Defined-Vehicle

Grape Up equips OEMs with the expertise to engineer the next generation of SDVs, providing a seamless integration of advanced onboard and offboard systems. Our collaboration delivers technology that propels your vehicles into the future of automotive excellence.

Data Platforms

For OEMs charting the vast data terrain of connected vehicles, we architect bespoke data platforms. These are aimed at leveraging massive data streams effectively, transforming complex data into actionable insights that drive product excellence and elevate the driving experience.

In-Vehicle Personalization

OEMs can offer drivers unique in-vehicle experiences, crafted from deep data insights to tailor each journey to the user’s preferences. Our approach ensures a seamless connection across devices, delivering personalization intuitively aligned with individual needs.

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