Bring a new standard of quality to manufacturing with intelligent shopfloor

manufacturing with intelligent shopfloor

With our support, you can optimize shopfloor operations using advanced intelligent technologies designed to improve accuracy, efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

Transform your shopfloor with smart manufacturing technologies

By integrating technologies such as AGVs, IoT, and predictive analytics, we help manufacturers improve operational efficiency and production quality. Our modern software solutions are tailored to adapt to client’s specific needs, ensuring that your manufacturing processes are not only optimized but also future-proof.

Intelligent shopfloor software

Smart operations

Smart Routing and Object Tracking systems use AI solutions to transform shopfloor logistics, optimize AGV paths and maintain precise material locations. Intelligent shopfloor improvements lead to reduced transport times, minimize inventory losses, and directly boost operational reliability.

Machine intelligence

Our suite includes IoT platform development and predictive maintenance solutions, which transform equipment management by providing real-time operational control and predictive analytics to preempt failures. Additionally, we use GenAI for edge computing to ensure agile in situ resource planning, hardware configuration, and adjustments.

Vision and inspection

We use computer vision, quality control, and testing technologies to automate product inspections, reduce errors, spot anomalies, and boost throughput. Our AI-driven systems also cut rejection rates and processing times and fine-tune operational adjustments, ensuring all products meet strict quality standards before shipping. During validation, AI tools automate test case creation, identify edge cases earlier, and enhance test coverage.

Learning and adaptation

Automated training and documentation technologies continuously update and educate the workforce, enhancing skill development and operational knowledge. Meanwhile, legacy EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems, enhanced with focused ML solutions, improve accuracy in communication and documentation between systems and business entities. This technological adaptation ensures the workforce remains proficient.

See how advanced technologies optimize shopfloor operations

AGV-integrated smart manufacturing systems
Machine vision for precision manufacturing
Predictive maintenance for manufacturing equipment
Edge computing for real-time process optimization

AGV-integrated smart manufacturing systems

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are revolutionizing shopfloor logistics by enabling real-time inventory and process tracking, material delivery optimization, and workflow automation. In a large assembly line, for instance, AGVs equipped with smart systems can automatically reroute themselves based on the immediate needs of the production schedule or change requests, ensuring materials are always delivered on time and manufacturing never skips a beat.

Machine vision for precision manufacturing

Machine vision technology is critical in automating precision manufacturing processes. For example, in electronic component assembly, machine vision systems can instantly detect and correct placement errors of micro-components on circuit boards. This capability allows for real-time adjustments, maintaining high-quality output and reducing waste significantly. As a result, manufacturers can ensure each product meets exact specifications.

Predictive maintenance for manufacturing equipment

Implementing a predictive maintenance program using IoT and AI is transforming equipment management in manufacturing facilities. Using ML for multi-sensor condition monitoring and signal processing can predict when a machine is likely to fail and schedule maintenance without disrupting production. For instance, in a steel mill, sensors can detect abnormal vibrations in a rolling mill and predict bearing failures before they cause a shutdown. Alternatively, singular resources may be prioritized for higher throughputs and longer cycles to coordinate and align system downtimes for complete lines.

Edge computing for real-time process optimization

Edge computing devices on the shopfloor process data at the source, dramatically enhancing real-time decision-making capabilities. Edge devices analyze data from sensors in real time to adjust mixing ratios and temperatures instantly, ensuring product quality remains consistent. This setup eliminates the delays of cloud processing and allows for immediate adjustments, optimizing the entire manufacturing process and reducing material waste.

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Learn more about solutions implemented in intelligent shopfloor

What is an intelligent shopfloor?

An intelligent shopfloor refers to a manufacturing environment enhanced with advanced digital technologies that integrate automation, real-time data analytics, and machine learning to optimize production processes versus multiple objectives. This setup enables higher efficiency, increased output quality, and reduced operational costs. Intelligent shopfloors use technologies such as IoT, predictive maintenance, and machine vision to continuously monitor and adjust processes, ensuring optimal performance throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

Why is predictive maintenance vital for modern manufacturing environments?

Predictive maintenance uses IoT sensors and AI to forecast equipment failures, allowing for timely interventions. Our solutions include comprehensive predictive maintenance solutions that leverage monitored equipment conditions and schedule maintenance proactively and objectively driven, thus minimizing downtime, energy consumption, or CO2 footprint and extending equipment lifespan.

How does edge computing improve decision-making on the shopfloor?

Edge computing processes data directly at its source on the manufacturing floor, reducing latency and enabling faster response times. Our edge computing devices analyze operational data in real-time, facilitating immediate adjustments to manufacturing processes and enhancing overall production efficiency.