Key Takeaways from SpringOne Pivotal in London


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SpringOne by Pivotal is one of the most anticipated series of events for developers around the world. The London edition gathered the brightest and boldest minds of the technology industry. It co-located a string of presentations about Application Development, DevOps, CI/CD, Cloud and more.

This event brought together around 60 participants from across the world. We had the chance to attend presentation tracks, network, promote, and showcase our services.

SpringOne Tour in London covered the entire topic about Java Spring in the Cloud-Native world and the subject of focus was Event Driven Architecture which is strongly connected with widely discussed Reactive Spring. Other topics were focused on Cloud technologies, so we saw a demo with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, as well as Serverless implementation by riff. After the whole event, we can confidently say that Reactive Spring is already used in many projects and will be far more frequently used as it ideally suits Cloud-Native technologies.

Alongside other industry-leading speakers from Pivotal, we had the opportunity to listen to Jakub Pilimon, Spring Developer Advocate, Pivotal Trainer and Consultant who addressed the audience on the topic of Event Driven Architecture with Spring Cloud Stream 2.0. He explained the basics of Domain Driven Design and how they connect with Event Driven Architecture.

During the presentation Pilimon created a credit card management system on his own. To do that, he used a very interesting approach of Event Storming, in which all possible events in the current domain were noted on orange notes. Then, direct commands were taken on blue notes (those are the cause of each event).

As the final step, he defined the invariants which were the necessary conditions for the domain event to occur. Based on that, we received a clear view of the business logic and the design of the domain that we want to implement.

Besides architecture and different design approaches, Jakub showed a piece of real code for the purpose of which he used Spring Cloud Stream and tested it with Rabbit MQ. In general, the whole Event Driven Architecture concept for sure will be more popular than ever with the cloud-native distributed architectures.

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