Why Cloudboostr?

Cloudboostr is a unified platform that integrates upstream Kubernetes with proven open source components for automated cluster operations and application lifecycle management across multiple cloud and on-prem infrastructures.

It unlocks the potential of these individual open source components without hiding their internals and with dedicated enterprise support allows to fully benefit from cloud-native opportunities.

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Our difference


Being a DevOps company we have designed Cloudboostr with DevOps principles in mind.

Cloudboostr provides developers with a complete platform to run any workload and empowers them to ship faster. For operators it simplifies the complexity of managing and operating a Kubernetes at enterprise scale.

Cloudboostr helps to adopt DevOps and accelerate application delivery.

Open source ready for the enterprise

Cloudboostr is an enterprise-grade platform built purely from 100% upstream compatible open source components fused together by automation code and adjustable configuration templates. A combination of proven open source tools, cloud-native best practices and dedicated support gives enterprises a complete, secure and reliable toolchain to continuously innovate and deliver faster.

Support and guidance

Enterprises need someone to back them up in case something goes wrong, when there is an emergency or simply when something it not clear. We offer a full range of support services including 24x7 support for Cloudboostr and all of its components. But being cloud-native experts, we can support our customers in a much broader scope.

Key features


Cloudboostr can be deployed in major public and private cloud infrastructures and allows to instantiate multiple Kubernetes clusters in cloud and on-prem.


Operators have the ability to quickly instantiate and tear down multiple cluster instances and to take full advantage of container orchestration functionalities, all from a single control plane.


An integrated set of time-tested tools centralizes, automates and simplifies operations and management of the platform. Operators can easily deploy upgrades, install patches and apply configuration changes to individual components of the platform.

Backup and disaster

Built-in mechanisms to backup and restore individual components of the platform and their state and data allow to easily recreate and restore a corrupted or failed environment.

High availability
and auto-healing

Cloudboostr actively monitors the health of all virtual machines and automatically resurrects failed or unresponsive nodes.


The integrated telemetry system automatically collects metrics and logs, and monitors all platform components, cluster nodes and workloads.

Identity and access

Cloudboostr includes a centralized IAM solution that integrates with existing AD, LDAP or OAuth providers. as well as RBAC configuration and security policy templates.

management tools

Developers can easily build secure container images, deploy them to any cluster and configure routing for their apps. Built-in container registry stores, signs and scans images for vulnerabilities.


Pre-defined configuration allows companies to quickly set up a production-ready Kubernetes environment and customize it when desired.

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