Kubernetes resources management in production

With modern tools and platforms, starting your first cluster and deploying your first container is pretty straightforward. Scaling it up with more deployments or variable cluster size gets complicated. In this presentation, Adam will explain, using his experience in running production clusters, the configuration concepts and resources required by the cluster to operate correctly under heavy load on production.

<p>Adam Kozłowski</p>

Adam Kozłowski

Solution Architect and Head of Automotive R&D

Solution Architect and Head of Automotive R&D at Grape Up Adam worked as a C/C++ and JavaScript Developer before starting his journey in the world of Cloud and Machine Learning. He is a huge fan of RnD initiatives, rapid prototyping, MLOps, and building great software products enhanced by ML algorithms. Throughout his career, Adam has worked with established companies such as Rijkswaterstaat, Porsche, and Allstate to develop their mission-critical systems. Currently, he is responsible for consulting projects in the automotive industry and specializes in Cloud and MLOps solutions.