Deploying Data Streaming Platforms in Insurance

Michał Ksyciński is talking about deploying data streaming platforms in the insurance landscape. Together with a Solution Architect experienced in designing data-driven architectures, they show you the best practices and proven patterns.

Key points:

  • Practical tips on when to use data streaming
  • Data streaming architecture overview provided by a solution architect
  • Comparison of open-source tools: Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, RocketMQ
  • Best practices and common mistakes

<p>Michał Ksyciński</p>

Michał Ksyciński

Business Development Manager

Michal started his career in the start-up environment working with SMBs and now is advising enterprise customers as a Business Development Manager at Grape Up. As a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in data, he works with insurance companies helping them build innovative cloud-native & data-driven software.