Building telematics-based insurance products of the future

Watch the webinar and learn how you can use telematics data to provide exceptional service to your customers

Build usage-based products.

Leverage telemetry data and driver profiles to provide tailored coverage, introduce new business models like a Pay-As-You-Drive plan, and improve claims management.

Detect accidents in real-time.

Learn how using location and sensor data allows to detect accidents, coordinate emergency services, begin the FNOL process, and reconstruct the crash timeline.

Activate stolen vehicle alerts.

Find out how to build a driver profile that allows to identify unusual behavior, automate alerts when the car is used differently to the pattern, notify the police, and disable the vehicle.

Deliver breakdown assistance.

Use vehicle location to send roadside assistance and book a substitute car nearby.

<p>Michał Ksyciński</p>

Michał Ksyciński

Business Development Manager

Michal started his career in the start-up environment working with SMBs and now is advising enterprise customers as a Business Development Manager at Grape Up. As a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in data, he works with insurance companies helping them build innovative cloud-native & data-driven software.

<p>Daniel Bryła</p>

Daniel Bryła

Software Engineer

Software Engineer at Grape Up and Cloud Foundry Certified Developer. He has experience in designing and implementing distributed systems which utilize cloud-native patterns and DevOps approach. In his free time, he loves to sail and travel around the world.