Applicat­ion Trans­for­mat­ion

At Grape Up, we divide the process of application transformation into 3 main stages: Evaluation, Replatforming, and Enhancement. During the entire process we ensure maximum operational effectiveness, efficiency, and full engagement of our project team.
We guide you through it while aligning the DevOps culture with performance objectives, instilling best practices and galvanizing your team to achieve peak performance.

How do we achieve it?

  • Evaluation

    Starting with a rapid application portfolio assessment, we define applications as easy, moderate or hard from the migration perspective in order to determine the required workload:

    • We identify which key workloads need to be migrated to the cloud.
    • We evaluate the app’s compatibility with the 12-factor app methodology.
    • We identify the bottlenecks which could delay the migration process.
  • Replatforming

    The next step focuses on using the minimum effort required to run the app on the platform to move on with:

    • Iterative application refactoring in line with the 12-factor principles towards a cloud-native microservices pattern.
    • Incremental decoupling of the monolith into a microservices-based application whenever a more profound transformation of the app’s development lifecycle is required.
  • Enhancement

    To complete the picture, we ensure long-term resiliency and maintainability of your application through:

    • The setup of CI/CD pipelines that enable testing automation and automated, reproducible delivery of application changes to production.
    • Documentation of all project deliverables, including the refactored applications and CI/CD pipelines. This helps facilitate the adjustment of the existing development process and further application maintenance, troubleshooting, and enhancement.