Digital Transformation of the Fleet, Lease & Rental Sector: How Software-Defined Vehicles Will Unlock Innovation

software defined vehicles fleet management

Discover how Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are transforming the aftermarket Fleet Management Services sector by strategically integrating advanced technological solutions.

Fleet management has been a challenging area for OEMs, but they are now embracing innovative opportunities to make a significant impact. Our whitepaper examines the key areas where this transformative shift is happening, revealing the strategies and advancements that are reshaping the sector.

This paper delves into the potential benefits of flexible E/E architectures that detach in-vehicle software from its hardware origins. We investigate how integrating factory-built connectivity and software-defined architectures can give OEMs a competitive edge. Additionally, we explore the relationship between OEM vehicles and cloud services, and how Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV) combined with streamlined software development (CI/CD) environments can enhance agility.

software defined vehicles fleet management

Our hands-on whitepaper written by experts from Grape Up and SBD provides the automotive industry with insights into:


Automotive Software Ecosystem


Aftermarket Fleet Services


OEM Vehicle and Cloud Services

By reading this whitepaper, you will be able to:

Understand the challenges that OEMs face in keeping up with aftermarket FMS companies

Find out how OEMs can meet the needs of the fleet management sector

Explore methods that OEMs can use to reach their full potential and gain a competitive advantage.

Discover how connectivity and SDVs can boost OEMs’ position in the industry

Download the whitepaper and get crucial insights


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Meet the authors

<p><strong>Adam Kozłowski</strong></p>

Adam Kozłowski

Head of Automotive R&D at Grape Up

Adam Kozłowski is a Solution Architect and Head of Automotive R&D at Grape Up. He had worked as a C/C++ and JavaScript Developer before he started his journey to the Cloud and Machine Learning world. Adam is an active advocate of Kubernetes and open-source cloud-native solutions. He is a huge fan of RnD initiatives, rapid prototyping, MLOps, and building great software products enhanced by ML algorithms. Throughout his career, Adam has been working with established enterprises like Rijkswaterstaat, Porsche, and Allstate to build their mission-critical systems. Currently responsible for consulting automotive projects, specializing in Cloud and MLOps solutions for the automotive industry.

<p><strong>Lee Colman</strong></p>

Lee Colman

Chief Production Officer at SBD Automotive

Lee Colman is Chief Production Officer at SBD Automotive. Lee has led SBD Automotive’s Connected Car consulting practice since 2015, and currently oversees SBD Automotive’s global research and consulting deliverables to its clients. Lee brings more than 20 previous years of domain expertise from his work at Nissan European Technical Centre, Teletrac Navman, and several leading telecommunications and research institutions worldwide.