Android Automotive Operating System Fundamentals: All Things You Need to Know About The Future Of In-Vehicle Infotainment

AAOS fundamentals

The IVI software market value is projected to reach $17 billion in 2026, and AAOS is estimated to gain an 18% market share in 2027. Learn how to prepare your business for getting the most out of Android Automotive OS.

With just 13 models of vehicles powered by AAOS and 41 applications available in the Play Store on AAOS right now, the way to 18% of the 17 billon-dollar-worth market requires extraordinary investments, the best software engineering talent, and a perfect understanding of the Google Automotive Services ecosystem.

Estimated market share rise and OEMs’ announcements of integrating more vehicles with the operating system provided by Google encourage every member of the mobility environment to get on board. The rapid growth of demand for IVI services unlocks unlimited opportunities. OEMs, tech consulting companies, app developers, and 3rd party solutions providers can now shape the future of in-vehicle infotainment.

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Our whitepaper provides the basics and enables your team to build the proper AAOS strategy. Get the most out of our experts’ experience and seize the opportunities delivered by the fast-developing market.

Why you should download this whitepaper:

Get the introduction to AAOS

Learn about the key advantages of the AAOS architecture

Get insights into Google Automotive Services

Understand User Interface and in-car experience

Get to know AAOS limitations to consider

See if AAOS is the future of car infotainment

Get the ebook and prepare for the future of in-vehicle infotainment


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