Grape Up is a consulting & technology company, helping enterprises create the most important applications by leveraging AI & cloud-native technologies and modern ways of delivering software.

10+ years of experience
in applying modern
technology & DevOps

Founded 10+ years ago, Grape Up has built its technological expertise in the early days of cloud computing, initially helping startups develop and deliver their products to the market.

While the technology is digitalizing numerous industries and markets are being disrupted by tech startups, enterprises need to operate at a rapid pace to stay competitive. Here comes Grape Up - by combining agility and experience in building software products using a lean approach, the company helps enterprises innovate at startup speed and accelerate time to market for new products and services.

Over the years, Grape Up has established a proven combination of the software development practices based on a DevOps philosophy and technological expertise in AI and Cloud Native. By bringing together a unique application delivery process and cutting-edge technologies, Grape Up builds the most impactful software for enterprises representing various industries.

Continuous business growth and consistent development

Our customers are the leaders in their industries

Partnering up with
the most influential
communities to
move technology
development forward

Together with developers, end-users, and vendors, we contribute to creating an ecosystem that supports the development of cloud-native technologies.

As an active member of The Linux Foundation, we help develop open-source technologies and participate in promoting its growth.

We are an authorized service provider for support, consulting, and training in the Kubernetes implementation. Grape Up and Cloudboostr are featured on the Cloud Native Landscape.

We are proven partners in building software the utilizes Amazon Web Services and we provide support for the AWS stack.

We deliver enterprise-grade consulting for developing applications built on Microsoft Azure.

Our culture

Deliver Value

Focus on things that provide value distinguishes us from others. Since the beginning, we strive towards getting to know our customers’ needs, and we recommend solutions in which we trust. We are constantly searching for ideas to improve our actions to achieve goals in the most effective way.

Win&Lose as a Team

We treat customers as members of our team - we together achieve successes and jointly take responsibility for failures. We also value the collaboration between our employees, which can be seen in continual knowledge sharing and the exchange of experience.

Drive Change

We rely on agility in everything that we do. Not only embracing change, but also initiating it. We develop ourselves to work more effectively and respond instantly to dynamic needs.

Listen & Speak

We speak openly about things that are essential for us. But the ability to listen to others and being open to the feedback is even more crucial. Thanks to that, we can include another perspective and find the ultimate solution.

Have Fun

We hire only the best people who are into their daily tasks. Our workplace is purposefully designed - we care for an open, friendly atmosphere, and we encourage members of our team to build lasting relationships.

Meet the leadership

Konrad Siatka

Konrad Siatka


Roman Swoszowski

Roman Swoszowski

VP, AI and
Cloud R&D

Łukasz Zwoliński

Łukasz Zwoliński


Artur Witek

Artur Witek

VP, Sales & Business