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What we do

Providing a
cloud-native platform

Developed by our team of cloud-native experts, Cloudboostr is a complete Kubernetes stack that allows enterprises to gain agility and efficiency in software delivery.

Helping enterprises
to move their business
to the cloud

We guide the most powerful companies from numerous industries through the process of modernizing their entire businesses, not only their technology.

Building innovative
software products

Our team delivers talent and experience required to create outstanding software and to help our customers turn ideas into products.

Grape Up works globally
across various industries

We collaborate closely with numerous organizations and market leaders from automotive, telco, finance, insurance and government agencies.


From building IoT platforms for connected car technology and introducing the Digital Twin concept to providing customer-facing services.


Setting up, orchestrating and supporting Cloudboostr, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry and various tools needed to design a proper cloud-native stack.


Rebuilding legacy apps into modern software and skilling up customer teams in both - cloud-native technology and modern methodologies.


Empowering established companies to transform into agile organizations that can provide high-quality products in the software-driven economy.


Working with financial institutions to support them in creating customer-centric solutions that compete with disruptive fin-tech startups.

& media

Cloud consulting, platform enablement and customization, application replatforming, culture reshaping and organizational shift.


Providing consulting regarding cloud infrastructure. Helping banks with embracing Big Data and transforming legacy software into innovative products.


Platform development and support for the commonly used cloud PaaS and apps. Upskilling engineering teams, including tools and approaches.

Our Story

10+ years of experience in applying modern technologies and DevOps practices to accelerate the way startups and enterprises run their businesses

For the last 10+ years, we have been working with disruptive startups and enterprises transforming to leverage modern technologies.

From the early days of the cloud and through the numerous projects, we have built unique expertise. We use that knowledge, combined with our Multicloud Enterprise Kubernetes - Cloudboostr, to help large companies move at startup speed.

We collaborate with the communities that develop cloud computing and open source technologies and contribute to projects that help them grow.

Our Culture

We are committed to building a culture of collaboration, growing together
and being involved.

Win & Lose
as a Team
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Our Mission

Embracing digital innovation
to help companies adapt to the pace
of a changing world.

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