Embracing digital innovation to help companies adapt to the pace of a changing world

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Our services allow other companies to innovate faster. We show them how technology can maximize their potential, reduce time-to market, and keep up with change.

What we do?

  • First section - About us

    Help Enterprises transform digitally to innovate faster

  • Second section - About us

    Build great software products

  • Third section - About us

    Hire only the best

Our values

At Grape Up, we are passionate about getting things done in a results-driven environment. Every day, we strive to make the best of our values which translate into helping others become agile and drive change.

  • Deliver value
  • Win & lose as a team
  • Drive change
  • Listen & speak
  • Have fun

Our customers

  • BIG Enterprises in need for startup agility

  • Businesses moving away from legacy way of building software

  • Startups with global ambitions

How did it all begin?

Over the course of years, we have established partnerships with the world's leading companies across many industries.

  • 2006

    Grape Software

    Boutique software house helping silicon valley startups build great products – resulting in successful acquisitions by global brands such as Avaya or Snapchat.

  • 2014

    Grape Up

    Funding Grape Up on the basis of GS expertise with startups to leverage Agile, Lean and Cloud for big Enterprises.

  • 2015

    CF Silver Member

    Contributing to global CF ecosystem as a silver member of Cloud Foundry Foundation.

  • 2016

    Key Clients

    Partnering with key companies in Digital Transformation & Cloud space: Amazon Web Services, Dell EMC

  • 2018

    Cloud Native Training Lab

    Introducing Grape Up Cloud Native Training Lab

  • 2018


    Launching enterprise grade PaaS platform leveraging CF & Kubernetes.