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Adam Kozłowski

Solution Architect and Head of Automotive R&D

Adam Kozłowski is a Solution Architect and Head of Automotive R&D at Grape Up. He had worked as a C/C++ and JavaScript Developer before he started his journey to the Cloud and Machine Learning world. Adam is an active advocate of Kubernetes and open-source cloud-native solutions. He is a huge fan of RnD initiatives, rapid prototyping, MLOps, and building great software products enhanced by ML algorithms. Throughout his career, Adam has been working with established enterprises like Rijkswaterstaat, Porsche, or Allstate to build their mission-critical systems. Currently responsible for consulting automotive projects, specializing in Cloud and MLOps solutions for the automotive industry.

Daniel Bryła

Software Engineer

Software Engineer at Grape Up and Cloud Foundry Certified Developer. He has experience in designing and implementing distributed systems which utilize cloud-native patterns and DevOps approach. In his free time, he loves to sail and travel around the world.

Maciej Józefczyk

Software Engineer

A DevOps-oriented Software Engineer since the very beginning of his professional career, works daily with backend and cloud technologies at Grape Up. In personal life, sports addict, software development devotee and serial reader of almost all kind of books.

Maciej Trzebiński

Cloud Engineer

Maciek is a Cloud Engineer at Grape Up and has worked on cloud solutions for RWS, Balfour, Allstate, and First American. He is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator and Computer Science graduate. His master's thesis covered network solutions in Kubernetes. He studies Cognitive Science.

Michał Ksyciński

Business Development Manager

Michal started his career in the start-up environment working with SMBs and now is advising enterprise customers as a Business Development Manager at Grape Up. As a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in data, he works with insurance companies helping them build innovative cloud-native & data-driven software.

Michał Różycki

R&D Solution Architect, DevOps & Kubernetes Advocate

Michał is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and a developer with vast experience in commercial application development. His main specializations are design architecture and cloud-native solution deployment.

Roman Swoszowski

VP, AI and Cloud R&D

VP, AI and Cloud R&D at Grape Up, responsible for developing the overall technology vision of the company with focus on artificial intelligence, deep learning and cloud native technologies. With almost 15 years of hands-on experience in the IT industry, he drives the company’s technology strategy and works closely with engineering teams to ensure continuous delivery of innovative software solutions.