Vehicle Inspection
API for Insurance

Automatically extract car details from provided vehicle images leveraging a hosted service Vehicle Inspection API

Integrable with any application or system

Supports 90+ countries, over 300+ car brands, and 3000+ models

Accelerates insurance applications and claims handling

Improves customer experience

How insurance enterprises use Vehicle Inspection
API to automate operations and generate savings

Automated and accelerated
processing of car insurance

Insurance enterprises automatically extract vehicle details from pictures to help underwriters validate car insurance applications faster and enable claim processors to verify reported claims at a rapid pace. With Vehicle Inspection, insurers reduce the time needed to process claims and close insurance applications.

Ensuring validation of data
provided in insurance

With access to various databases, Vehicle Inspection API empowers insurers to validate data and customer input automatically. Such a solution allows insurance companies to minimize manual work and reduce the risk of human error.

Fraud detection of
reported claims

The insurance industry can significantly gain cost savings by working against fraud and false insurance claims. Vehicle Inspection API helps to verify claims, analyze vehicle history, and flag up potential issues.

Providing digital
customer experience

Improving customer satisfaction, insurance enterprises develop digital customer support and applications enabling clients to manage their claims and get things done remotely.

How Vehicle Inspection API improves your software

The provided solution can extract the following information about the vehicle:

  • vehicle make and model
  • vehicle model generation
  • VIN
  • registration plate number

Vehicle Inspection API provides characteristics of the uploaded images:

  • whether the provided image is an image of a vehicle
  • whether the provided image is an image of a vehicle part
  • the position of the vehicle on the image (camera angele)

The service verifies the correctness of provided images, e.g., performs cross-checks of recognized VIN with detected make and model.

How Vehicle Inspection API
works with your software

The service is available as an API, offered in a fully managed SaaS model, integrable with other systems and applications.

The user sends images and specifies what details to extract from given pictures. The service processes and analyzes each image and returns a unified response containing all information gained from the input. When a part of requested details is inconcludable, the service returns informative messages explaining why it cannot provide that information.

Get to know frequently asked questions

How can I use the Vehicle Inspection API service?

Vehicle Inspection API is a hosted web service that can be integrated with any application or system through HTTP API. Once you sign up, you will receive an individual API key that you use to access the service.

How do you charge for the Vehicle Inspection API service?

Vehicle Inspection API is billed in a pay-as-you-go model. You are charged for every image that you upload for processing by the service.

Which vehicles can Vehicle Inspection API analyze?

We support over 90 countries for license plate recognition, over 300 car brands , and 3000 models for make and model recognition and EU and NA standards for VIN numbers.

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