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Grape Up enables telecoms and media to transform their businesses, rebuild software, and accelerate time to market for new products and services. Your enterprise can utilize the most innovative technologies to deliver solutions that meet customer needs, compete with disruptive trends in communications, and open up to new market opportunities.

Services for the telco industry

Providing cloud enablement

Modernizing applications and moving legacy software to the cloud

Implementing continuous innovation into the software development process

Expanding digital service portfolio based on customer engagement

Delivering new revenue streams fueled by third-party integrations

Offering operational excellence and improved BSS & OSS quality

Developing IoT projects for Smart Cities

Gaining operational efficiency and improving software development

See how one of the largest telecommunications providers in Italy accelerated software delivery and reduced maintenance costs while Grape Up provided 24/7 accessibility of the cloud-native stack.

Established Telecommunications Provider

Grape Up provides expertise in the strategic areas and enables
Telecommunications companies to tackle their main business

Legacy software modernization

Re-factoring and moving legacy systems to the cloud to allow telecommunications companies to gain flexibility, reduce costs, and innovate. Your enterprise can obtain resilience and safety, and at the same time open up to the development of new features by going through the rebuilding process.

Cloud enablement

Leveraging cloud-native platforms and tools to drive additional value from owned assets, accelerating delivery to production, simplifying collaboration, and data sharing. Telecom companies work with Grape Up in the areas of platform enablement and maintenance services to provide their development teams with a secure and innovative environment.

Development of new digital

Designing new digital services to help media enterprises rebuild their market position and business models. Telcos that use cloud-native tools and an agile approach boost their user experience and create sustainable engagement that can be monetized through new, digital channels.

IoT solutions for Smart City

Developing applications and building platforms that utilize IoT technology to enable telecoms to provide Smart City opportunities. Telecommunications companies connect various devices & systems and ensure their functioning by utilizing modern infrastructure and smart software.

Cloud Native & DevOps

Guiding Telecoms through business transformation to help them leverage continuous innovations. Empowering engineering teams to adopt lean & a DevOps approach and upskilling them to use cloud-native technologies to develop software at a rapid pace in an automated way.

Modernize your enterprise & provide new digital services

Let’s see how we can use our expertise in transforming legacy software.

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