AI-enabled, cloud-native
apps development to
provide a unique user

As client behavior constantly changes, Grape Up helps retailers and leading e-commerces build AI-powered software that simplifies customer journey, customizes offerings, and provides new sales opportunities.

By adopting cloud-native technologies and modern practices in software delivery, retailers working with Grape Up gain agility, flexibility, and customer-centric approach.

AI & cloud-native services designed for retailers

Building cloud-native applications that can be easily scaled up and developed to meet the growing demand

Automating supplier assessment and anticipating materials requirements

Delivering AI-powered solutions that support customer service and automate sales

Utilizing Data Science to personalize offerings and increase the customer lifetime value

Providing marketing teams with tools allowing deeper analysis to better understand churns and find the most promising prospects

Enabling retailers to transform their legacy systems into modern applications that lead to using data gathering over the years

Automating warehouse and store operations and optimizing merchandising and product assortment

Developing a Global Cloud Platform Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making

For one of the leading sportswear manufacturers providing its organization with easily manageable access to data is a crucial competitive advantage. To help Adidas improve its data collecting and processing system, Grape Up joined the company in developing a cloud platform aggregating data and logs from the entire ecosystem of technologies used by the retailer.


While collaborating with Grape Up, retailers and e-commerces gain
a trusted partner for the strategic areas of software development

Developing scalable,
cloud-native apps

Using cloud technologies and the most effective approaches to software delivery, retailers build high-performing and easily configurable apps. Flexibility and accelerated time to market for new features and services help create and sustain competitive advantage and increase revenue.

Improved user experience and enhanced customer lifetime value

Unlocking the agility of cloud-native tools and capabilities of AI-enabled apps to provide a unique, customized experience that empowers retailers to build lasting relationships with customers and help retain them. By getting to know customer behavior and using predictive analysis, retailers can increase upselling.

Data-driven insights and sales automation

Building tools that unleash the full potential of data collected online and through IoT devices to assist sales teams with getting insight into customer behavior, deepened churn analysis, and a better understanding of purchasing decisions. Working with Grape Up, retailers can optimize well-performing channels, reduce churn rates, and automate communication.

Rebuilding of the legacy

Retailers with a long history of running successful businesses may face the issue of owning out-of-date systems to manage customer relationships. By modernizing infrastructure, enabling cloud platforms, and getting seamless access to all databases, those enterprises can build a strong foundation for a sustainable competitive advantage.

Predictive supplier assessment and automated logistics

Using machine learning to determine the timing of goods’ transfer, automating supplier assessment and anticipating materials requirements. Grape Up helps retailers improve warehouse and store operations, optimize merchandising and product assortment, and leverage statistical modeling to predict and minimize running out of stock.

Platform and infrastructure

By providing their teams with support in managing their cloud-native stacks, retailers allow them to develop software with ease. Experienced partners in setting up and maintaining cloud tools ensure a resilient and reliable environment for app development.

Improve user experience with AI and cloud-native apps

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