27 Jul

What’s New in Cloudboostr: Deploying and Running Windows Workloads

Cloudboostr makes a transformation towards cloud and cloud-native architecture even easier. With the latest upgrades, Cloudboostr enables its users to run applications in the Windows runtime environment. Such a solution provides new flexibility in comparison to traditional containerization and running apps in Linux. 

How supporting Windows Workloads improves operations for Cloudboostr users:

● The latest feature simplifies application management, enhances scalability and stability, and allows for effective rolling updates.
● Windows Workloads empower enterprises to start their transformation processes with the easier implementation of DevOps and automation.
● Users can leverage one platform for Linux containers and Windows systems.
● Such a solution becomes the easiest way to transform legacy systems into cloud-native software – life-saving options for systems that cannot be rewritten.
● Improved developer experience allowing for more efficient and stable development, testing apps locally, and flawless launching on the platform.

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