We’re coming to London for the SpringOne Tour!


The SpringOne Tour by Pivotal is a series of 2 day conferences for developers. As the events take place in cities all over the world, the London edition on June 21-22, is the perfect opportunity for us to expand our knowledge and develop our skills.

During SpringOne, attendees learn about both traditional monolithic and modern, Cloud-Native Java from the source. Developers from across the world have the chance to network with expert Pivotal speakers in both panel and open space discussions about modern Application Development, DevOps, CI/CD, and Cloud.

As a technology consulting firm that helps companies work agile by leveraging cloud-native technologies, we could not miss this opportunity to connect with Pivotal’s Principal Technologists and Developer Advocates. Among all speakers at SpringOne we will have a chance to listen to Josh Long, a Java Champion and author of five books about cloud-native technologies and three best-selling video trainings, Mark Heckler, a Pivotal Principal Technologist & Developer Advocate, and Kenny Bastani, a Spring Developer Avocate at Pivotal who engages a community of passionate developers on topis like graph databases and microservices.

We are excited to participate in Pivotal’s SpringOne Tour and will make sure to keep you updated during and after the event.

June 19th, 2018