US heavy equipment industry manufacturer leaves competitors in the dust after a project with Grape Up.


We have greatly contributed to the progress of one of the leading US companies from the heavy equipment industry. To gain a huge advantage over competition, our client has stressed the need to improve their software development and, at the same time, replace old fashioned processes, habits and confusing company policies with an agile way of working.

The main issue that the company struggled with was the manual way of building applications by developers who used the integration development environment (IDE). As a result, each new project included a waiting time for resources (hardware, a server, databases, routing, firewall configuration etc.) which could take up to a few weeks. It was time to take a step forward and put an end to these slow, decade old processes.

Our idea was to make the transition to cloud as smooth as possible. Which is why the Grape Up team decided to carry out a Cloud Foundry Dojo project in two main phases; the CF configuration and a CF training consecutively. The common goal of our collaboration was to implement modern techniques of rapid software development.
In the first phase, we have successfully set up and configured the Cloud Foundry platform which is optimized to deliver highly scalable architecture, fast application deployment, and DevOps-friendly workflows. The setup gave an immediate possibility to deploy applications on-demand by using simple commands. We have also introduced Concourse, a tool that allows to use the potential of both Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to the fullest. Thanks to production-ready CI/CD pipelines, our customer could start using the benefits of rapid software development methodologies right away.

The purpose of the second phase was to provide our client with consultation and comprehensive CF platform training. We selected two legacy applications with significant business value which we imported to the platform. Then, based on the concept of constant improvement, we shared our expert knowledge and made every effort to help developers of all levels to become familiar and comfortable with the Cloud Foundry.

Through utilizing the most effective modern methodologies like Agile and Extreme Programming during both phases, we were able to transfer our expertise quickly. We’re excited to see our client’s business thrive and we look forward to seeing their developers pass the acquired expertise across the rest of the company.

February 28th, 2018