9 Dec

The latest Cloudboostr release – what’s new in a Managed Kubernetes Platform

In the latest release, the Cloudboostr team has delivered a series of upgrades that will significantly improve the job of development teams using the platform for container orchestration.

With the latest changes, end-users can leverage the replacement of some old Kubernetes API versions and speed up their work with no need for manual creation of LB Pools and NSGroups.

Key upgrades:

  • Kubernetes to version 1.16.8 
  • Traefik to version 2.2.0 
  • vSphere terraform scripts
  • Elasticsearch to version 7.8.0 
  • Filebeat to version 7.2.1

Furthermore, Cloudboostr users can now embrace support for extensions to cloud config.
Developed by Grape Up, Cloudboostr was built with enterprise teams in mind that need enterprise-grade support and maintenance for the most powerful orchestration platform. Learn more on how Cloudboostr accelerates software delivery at RWS.