Run any workload in the OpenStack cloud!


Cloudboostr now can be deployed on OpenStack! With the latest integration, companies using on-prem OpenStack have gained a valuable opportunity to accelerate their operations.

Cloudboostr provides a complete cloud-native software stack, that can be launched in days instead of months of researches, preparing, and implementation when a company decides to build such environment all by itself. For the platform's users, it means flexibility to select the most suitable runtime tailored to their needs, proven patterns to choose, reduced risk of upgrade compatibility issues and many more. Cloudboostr can be deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and now additionally on OpenStack.

OpenStack, widely known as a "True Private Cloud" solution, enables companies to make use of an open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service and speed up their migration to the cloud-native world. However, building a cloud-native platform on top of OpenStack is not an easy task. Cloudboostr delivers a ready-to-use package of integrated technologies like Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, that allow companies to set up a cloud-native platform right away. Companies using OpenStack and Cloudboostr can easily benefit from all the advantages of open source tools, private cloud capabilities, and cloud-native possibilities.

Regardless of the customer's level of experience with cloud-native technologies, the Cloudboostr team supports its users in their efforts in getting the most out of the platform and its capabilities.

We at Grape Up are very thrilled to announce new upgrades and integrations regarding Cloudboostr, as the product has become a crucial part of our development strategy. In the next steps, we will be informing about ongoing implementations and use cases for the platform. Stay tuned and drop us a line if you want to learn more about opportunities to use Cloudboostr in your company.

March 27th, 2019