Rijkswaterstaat is implementing Cloudboostr to get the most out of open source Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes


Cloudboostr will help Rijkswaterstaat, part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, fully utilize capabilities of open source Cloud Foundry, and simultaneously will enable them to start using Kubernetes, an open source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management.

Collaboration between Rijkswaterstaat and Grape Up has begun recently. The first part of the project is focused on implementing PoC to verify the practical potential of the platform. Grape Up’s engineers work alongside Rijkswaterstaat team to build a testing environment and integrate Cloudboostr with other technologies used by the Ministry. In the next stages, the team behind Cloudboostr will be developing the production environment, setting up applications, and enabling developers from the customer’s team to start working on it.

Cloudboostr is developed and maintained by a dedicated team of engineers from Grape Up. Members of the same team work with Rijkswaterstaat’s employees responsible for cloud technologies. Together they aim to deliver an incredibly efficient environment for development teams working at the Ministry on various projects and applications. The Grape Up team will be working with Rijkswaterstaat on-site and remotely.

Members of the Grape Up team that collaborate with the Ministry directly are excited to help Rijkswaterstaat with improving their applications. "We develop Cloudboostr to empower other organizations to get the most out of open source technologies, and it's extremely uplifting that our platform will enable Rijkswaterstaat to accelerate the way they deliver applications. It's also impressive to see how the Netherlands is using cutting-edge technologies to improve mobility, monitor water levels, and help the environment thrive." - Roman Swoszowski, VP and Head of Cloud R&D at Grape Up.

Rijkswaterstaat is the executive agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, responsible for the Dutch main road network, the main waterway network, the main water systems, and the environment in which they are embedded.

Cloudboostr is a complete Kubernetes stack that allows enterprises to deliver applications faster, better, and safer in private and public clouds. The platform integrates open source components for automated cluster operations and application lifecycle management and enables companies to quickly set up Kubernetes environments and start leveraging cloud-native technologies across multiple cloud infrastructures. With a combination of a templated software stack and dedicated support services, Cloudboostr empowers enterprises to accelerate their operations in the cloud and get to market faster.

June 6th, 2019