Introducing cb push: deploy apps to Kubernetes with a single command



Cloud Foundry has been long known for its smooth “cf push” experience developers loved, and which was the realization of the famous cf push haiku. Now the very same experience is available for Kubernetes clusters running on Cloudboostr.

The newest release of Cloudboostr includes a Cloudboostr CLI command-line tool which allows deploying an application to Kubernetes, in a Cloud Foundry way. The “cb push” command automates the app deployment process by:

  • Building the container image from application sources. 
  • Pushing the image to the built-in Harbor container registry. 
  • Deploying the image to Kubernetes cluster. 
  • Configuring ingress for the app with the Traefik proxy. 

The “cb push” command leverages the Cloud Native Buildpacks project from CNCF to automatically detect the application type and build a container image with an appropriate embedded application runtime.

The benefit for developers is that they no longer have to work with Dockerfiles and can operate purely at the application level. They just write code and “cb push” it to Kubernetes – all underlying containerization and deployment happen automatically.

Another benefit for development teams is an easy migration from the Cloud Foundry platform to Kubernetes – developers can still interact with the new platform in the very same way and deliver new products and apps fast.

If you want to know more or see a live demo, please visit our booth during Cloud Foundry Summit in the Hague or book a demo via our website.

September 10th, 2019