Grape Up Sponsor at Spring One Platform / San Francisco


This four-day event is a perfect place to share the knowledge, exchange experience and meet people who want to learn and talk about cloud-native software.

That’s a unique event that brings together experts from such areas as machine learning, serverless, reactive programming or orchestrated data microservices. That is a great opportunity to talk about event-driven architecture, look-aside caching, or site Reliability Engineering.

Why we are there? Grape Up specializes in cloud native application development, we are constantly learning and looking for the best possible solutions. Spring One event is a great place to collaborate with other cloud experts and we are really happy that we are part of this conference.

The event starts on Monday and will last till Thursday. At the location you can find our Grape Up stand and meet our experts like Marek Cabaj, Rafał Kowalski or Krystian Czepiel. Visit us and grab our ‘oh my bosh!’ shirt. See you there!

December 4th, 2017