Grape Up is opening a new R&D center in Cracow



Last week, we moved into our brand new office, which is located in Loft Park, next to the Grzegórzeckie Roundabout. We are rapidly growing - both when it comes to business development and in terms of expanding our team. Since day one, we run most of our projects from Cracow, and the decision to build the second office here came naturally. Last Saturday, we had an official opening for the entire team working in Poland.

A new R&D center has become necessary to provide our teams with comfortable workspace, where they can deliver software for the world’s top enterprises. Our new office is supposed to accommodate even twice as many employees that our first office in Cracow. Here in Loft Park, we have over 1,500 square meters of office space, customized accordingly to our needs - futuristic desks, well-equipped conference rooms, and chill zone to boost creativity and rest after completing challenging tasks.

By developing our workforces in Cracow, we provide the knowledge and skill set required to build innovative products like Cloudboostr, our complete Kubernetes stack, and to collaborate with the most demanding business brands.

Konrad Siatka, CEO at Grape Up, explains why the company chose the newest location:

“Here in Cracow, we’ve located our main R&D center. It’s great to see how it grows, and our new, ergonomic office is the best example of our ambitious plans. We want to connect with the city and its history even more. These buildings have their own story, and I’m sure that it will be an inspiration for our people. When you hire the most talented professionals, you need to give them the right tools and comfortable space so they could reach their potential. It’s uplifting to see how they collaborate and build outstanding products, but it’s also great to see them having a good time together after work.”

What makes this new location even more intriguing is its post-industrial architecture and long story of entrepreneurship. Built by the end of the 19th century, this building complex was home for a few successful and well-recognized companies. Since now, Grape Up team is determined to continue this good tradition.


Find us here: ul. Żółkiewskiego 17A, 31-539 Kraków

July 9th, 2019